India need just 3 from final over for victory
December 24, 2017  22:25

India 133-5 (19 ovs) vs SL 135-7 | Scorecard

The script is perfectly set for Dhoni the finisher, who likes to take the contest into the final over and end it in grand style. And don't forget this is the same venue where Dhoni hit that famous match-winning six to win the 2011 World Cup for India and the Wankhede crowd are hoping for something similar.

Captain Perera comes back into the attack. Dhoni content to drive it down to long-off for one before Karthik plays a powerful cut shot but Shanaka does well at point to save the boundary and concede just one.

Dhoni knocks the third ball down to long-off again for a single and Karthik also takes one.

Dhoni is unable to get a run off the last ball as Perera concedes just five, leaving India to get 15 from the last two overs for victory.

Pradeep to bowl the penultimate over as the match heads towards a thrilling climax.

Two singles from the first two balls as Dhoni is still not looking fazed by the situation, fully aware that a boundary can bring the contest back in India's hands.

Karthik looks for the big hit as he swings Pradeep through midwicket despite not getting it off the middle, he collects a couple.

The pressure gets the better of Karthik, who attempts the scoop over the wicketkeeper but fails to make connection.

Immediately, Dhoni comes down and has a chat with his partner.

He swipes the next ball over the fielder at midwicket and again the timing is not perfect as he picks up just two runs.

Karthik delivers the telling blow off the final ball of the over. Pradeep helps India's cause by bowling a full toss and Karthik despatches it over the midwicket fence for a six.

India need just three from the final over for a 3-0 series clean sweep.
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