Sun, 24 December 2017
3rd T20: India outclass SL to complete 3-0 series whitewash

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22:28   India outclass SL to complete 3-0 series whitewash

India 139-5 (19.2 ovs) vs SL 135-7 | Scorecard

Perera to bowl the final over. Dhoni nearly plays that famous straight lofted shot down the ground but no proper connection this time as he picks a single to long-on but an overthrow fetches him another run.

The scores are level and Dhoni is back on strike.

Dhoni clips a full toss through square leg for a four to take India to victory in style.

India complete a 3-0 series whitewash to complete the treble, having won the Test and ODI series as well.
22:25   India need just 3 from final over for victory

India 133-5 (19 ovs) vs SL 135-7 | Scorecard

The script is perfectly set for Dhoni the finisher, who likes to take the contest into the final over and end it in grand style. And don't forget this is the same venue where Dhoni hit that famous match-winning six to win the 2011 World Cup for India and the Wankhede crowd are hoping for something similar.

Captain Perera comes back into the attack. Dhoni content to drive it down to long-off for one before Karthik plays a powerful cut shot but Shanaka does well at point to save the boundary and concede just one.

Dhoni knocks the third ball down to long-off again for a single and Karthik also takes one.

Dhoni is unable to get a run off the last ball as Perera concedes just five, leaving India to get 15 from the last two overs for victory.

Pradeep to bowl the penultimate over as the match heads towards a thrilling climax.

Two singles from the first two balls as Dhoni is still not looking fazed by the situation, fully aware that a boundary can bring the contest back in India's hands.

Karthik looks for the big hit as he swings Pradeep through midwicket despite not getting it off the middle, he collects a couple.

The pressure gets the better of Karthik, who attempts the scoop over the wicketkeeper but fails to make connection.

Immediately, Dhoni comes down and has a chat with his partner.

He swipes the next ball over the fielder at midwicket and again the timing is not perfect as he picks up just two runs.

Karthik delivers the telling blow off the final ball of the over. Pradeep helps India's cause by bowling a full toss and Karthik despatches it over the midwicket fence for a six.

India need just three from the final over for a 3-0 series clean sweep.
22:13   Pandey out for 32, India 5 down

India 116-5 (17 ovs) vs SL 135-7 | Scorecard

Pradeep comes back as Pandey picks a single off the first ball and Dinesh Karthik turns the third ball square for two runs and then takes one.

Pandey then crashes a wide delivery through the covers for a four and picks a single to long-on.

Pandey playing a superb knock under pressure to keep India in the hunt in the run chase.

He has hit 32 from 28 balls to take the score to 108 for four in 16 overs, with 28 needed from four overs for victory.

Chameera comes back and strikes with the key wicket of Pandey, who was looking set to take India to victory.

The pacer gets one to jag back sharply as Pandey tries to play from the crease but is beaten and is bowled after a good innings of 32 from 29 balls.

Chameera nearly gets another one as Dhoni gets a thick outside edge which beats a diving wicketkeeper Dickwella and goes for a boundary.

Two balls later, he hits Dhoni on the pads with a full incoming delivery as the umpire turns down the LBW appeal but the Sri Lankans take the DRS.

But the bounce of the Wankhede wicket saves Dhoni with the ball tracker showing that the ball would have gone over the stumps.

The match is still interestingly poised with India needing 20 runs from the last three overs for victory.
21:59   Pandya fails with the bat, India 4 down

India 99-4 (15 ovs) vs SL 135-7 | Scorecard

Pandya taking his time to get his eye in as he picks another single. Pandey lifts the tempo as he pulls a short ball from Shanaka through midwicket for a four.

The next ball is a full toss and Pandey hits it through the same region for a another boundary.

The right-hander has another cross batted swipe off the next ball but manages just a single to long-on.

Shanaka overpitches as Pandya drives it through the off-side and picks up two runs to sweeper cover.

He tries to ramp the last ball but ends up hitting it straight to wicketkeeper Dickwella to be caught behind for four.

India reduced to 99 for four in 15 overs, needing another 37 runs from five overs for victory.
21:53   Iyer run out for 30, India lose 3rd wkt

India 87-3 (14 ovs) vs SL 135-7 | Scorecard

Chameera comes back from the other end, he also bowled an excellent first spell of two overs.

Pandey takes one from the first ball before Iyer turns the next ball square on the leg side for two runs before the pacer sends down a wide.

Chameera then bowls a good outswinger as Iyer is beaten in his attempt to run it down to thirdman.

Iyer picks one on the leg side before Chameera tries the short but ends up bowling a leg side wide.

Pandey then slaps a short wide ball through the covers and is forced to run for the second by his partner who is running to the danger end and they complete the two runs easily followed by a single off the last ball.

Dananjaya comes back into the attack as Sri Lanka strike with the wicket of Iyer, to put India under more pressure.

Pandey hits the second ball straight back as Dananjaya gets his hands on it before it goes on to hit the stumps at the non-striker's end with Iyer well out of his crease.

Iyer is run out for 30 as India lose their third wicket, in the 14th over.

Hardik Pandya promoted to No. 5 as India look for a few boundaries to make their way back in the contest.

Two singles off the next two balls before Pandey hammers one straight down the ground as the fielder at long-on ends up deflecting it over the ropes to give away a four.

India are 87 for three in 14 overs, needing 49 from six overs for victory.
21:39   Sri Lanka's bowler keep India in check

India 72-2 (12 ovs) vs SL 135-7 | Scorecard

This is interesting as Sri Lanka bring back Dananjaya with India needing a few big overs to keep the asking rate in check.

Will they take a few risks against the spinner?

Pandey turns the second ball on the leg side before Iyer pulls a short ball and sprints back quickly for a tight second run to deep midwicket.

Iyer taps the fourth ball to point and is called for a quick single by his partner, who is beaten by one which is full and goes straight on.

Pandey calmly drives the last ball to long-off for a single as just five runs come from the over.

Shanaka, who bowled a fantastic first spell, comes back. Pandey takes a single before Iyer drills the next straight down the ground for two and then pulls the third ball square for one.

Pandey hammers one down the ground but picks just one to long-off. Shanaka then bowls a yorker as Iyer digs out to the fielder at point.

Iyer breaks the shackles as he lofts the last ball, which is pitched on length, back over the bowler's head for a six, the first boundary after a long wait of 39 balls.

India are 72 for two in 12 overs, needing another 64 runs in eight overs for victory.
21:31   Rohit falls for 27, India lose 2nd wicket

India 56-2 (10 ovs) vs SL 135-7 | Scorecard

The young duo of Iyer and Manish Pandey looking to keep the scoreboard ticking with ones and twos. Four singles off the first four balls before Pradeep bowls a cracking incoming delivery which beats Pandey all ends up.

The ball clips his pads and goes over the stumps beating wicketkeeper Dickwella and gives India four leg byes.

Shanaka follows it up with another good over, his second in succession to build up the pressure on the Indians.

Two runs from the first two balls before he bowls three dot balls to Iyer, who looks keen to break through with a few fours as he tries a slog on the leg side but misses. He then runs the last ball to thirdman for a single to bring up India's 50 in the ninth over.

Perera comes back into the attack. Iyer steers the first ball through the point region for two runs before he mishits the next over the bowler's head for another couple of runs.

He picks another single on the off-side and Pandey picks one from the last ball.

India have not been able to break free as they reach 56 for two in 10 overs, needing another 80 runs from the last 10 overs for victory.
21:18   Rohit falls for 27, India lose 2nd wicket

India 39-2 (7 ovs) vs SL 135-7 | Scorecard

Dasun Shanaka comes into the attack and he strikes in his very first over with the big, big wicket of the in-form Rohit.

He starts off well by giving away just two singles from five balls. Rohit looks to break the shackles as he pulls a short ball but ends up hitting it straight to Kusal at deep midwicket.

Rohit walks back after scoring 27 from 20 balls as India are reduced to 39 for two in seven overs.
21:13   Rohit, Iyer rally India after early wicket

India 37-1 (6 ovs) vs SL 135-7 | Scorecard

Change in the bowling as captain Thisara Perera comes into the attack. He starts with a loosener, short and wide as Rohit hammers it powerfully past point for a four.

But Perera makes a good comeback after that boundary, beating Rohit off the next ball with the inswinger which cuts him into half.

Rohit picks a single before Iyer is unable to get any runs from the rest of the over.

Nuwan Pradeep comes into the attack. He tries a short ball which doesn't rise much and Rohit manages to pull it over midwicket for a four.

The next ball is full and on the pads as Rohit clips it square for the same result before taking one.

Iyer drives the fifth ball through the off-side for two runs to get 11 from the over.

India are 37 for one in six overs, with Rohit on 26 from 18 balls and Iyer on six from nine balls. They need another 99 runs from 14 overs for victory.
21:04   India lose Rahul after SL post 135

India 21-1 (4 ovs) vs SL 135-7 | Scorecard

Just like India, Sri Lanka also open the bowling with a spinner as Akila Dananjaya is given the new ball.

He starts with a wide before Rohit is beaten off the third ball but the leg before appeal is turned down. Two singles before Rohit tries a big shot but fails to make proper connection.

Medium pacer Dushmantha Chameera to bowl the second over. He starts with a beauty as KL Rahul plays away from his body but is beaten by the outswinger.

Two balls later, he flashes hard again but is beaten again before he takes a single to thirdman off the fourth ball.

Rohit Sharma also plays a loose shot outside the off-stump but is beaten before he defends the last ball.

In the next over, Rohit breaks the shackles as he heaves Dananjaya over midwicket for a four. Two balls later, he hits it straight down the ground for a six followed by two singles to get 13 from the over.

Chameera makes the breakthrough with the wicket of Rahul, who is given out leg before wicket for four. He reviews the decision but the ball is clipping the stumps and the umpire's decision stays. That was a poor shot from the opener, who tries a cross batted heave on the leg side.

Shreyas Iyer off to a confident start as he flicks a full delivery from Chameera through midwicket for a four. He is beaten off the last ball as he goes hard after a wide one but is done in by the bounce.
20:38   India's bowlers limit Sri Lanka to 135

SL 135-7 (20 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Unadkat has been quite special with the ball today. He mixes his pace quite well and bowls two dot balls in a row to Akila Dananjaya, who wants to take one and bring Shanaka back on strike.

He finally gets one off the third ball before Shanaka miscues the next over the keeper for two runs.

He then comes down the track to the next ball and has a wild swing but makes no connection before he keeps strike with one from the last ball.

Siraj suffers again, in the final over of the innings. Dananjaya top edges the pull for a four over the keeper but gets the next bang off the middle straight back over the bowler's head for another boundary.

Shanaka blasts the fifth ball high over the midwicket fence for a huge six and gets two off the last ball to get 18 from the over.

Sri Lanka finish on a decent 135 for seven in their 20 overs with Shanaka scoring a handy 29 from 24 balls.

Siraj has a poor outing with the ball, giving away 45 runs in his four overs, while picking up a wicket.
20:28   Gunaratne out for 36, SL 7 down

SL 113-7 (18 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Unadkat has been impressive with the ball. He sends down another tight over as Sri Lanka struggle to break free. Gunaratne tries the reverse paddle off the last ball but fails to make connection as just four come from the over.

Pandya strikes in his final over. He uses the short ball to good effect as Gunaratne skies it high on the leg side and Kuldeep takes a good catch at midwicket.

Gunaratne perishes for 36 as Sri Lanka are reduced to 113 for seven in 18 overs.

SL 106-6 (16 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Kuldeep has a confident shout for leg before wicket turned down. After a long discussion with wicketkeeper Dhoni, captain Rohit takes the DRS just in the nick of time. However, the Wankhede's extra bounce saves Gunaratne with the ball looking set to clip the bails which means the decision stays with the umpire's call.

Six runs from the over as Kuldeep ends with one for 26 in four overs.

Siraj, who picked a wicket in his previous over, continues. He sends down a quiet over as he gives away just five singles in his third over.

Pandya comes back as Sri Lanka's duo of Gunaratne and Dasun Shanaka are content to deal in singles.

Shanaka breaks the shackles as he flashes hard at a wide delivery from Pandya as it carries all the way over the off-side for a six.

19:59   Perera dismissed for 11, SL 6 down

SL 85-6 (13 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Siraj, who went for runs in his first over, comes back. He drops it short and also offers some width as Thisara Perera slams it past point for a four.

Two balls later, the Sri Lanka skipper smashes it straight down the ground for a four as non-striker Gunaratne does well to get out of the way.

Siraj tries the bouncer as Perera plays the pull shot but fails to make proper connection for two runs to deep square leg.

However, Siraj gets revenge as he strikes with the wicket of Perera, who chips a slower ball straight to the fielder at midwicket to fall for 11.
19:55   Sri Lanka lose 5th wicket, India in control

SL 74-5 (12 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Kuldeep bowls a rare full toss but Gunathilaka plays the pre-meditated sweep for just a single. Gunaratne then taps the left-arm spinner on the leg side and sprints back for a couple.

He then plays the switch hit as he lofts the ball over the off-side for a four and takes another couple of runs off the last ball.

At the halfway stage, Sri Lanka are struggling on 67 for four after losing a few early wickets.

Gunaratne holds the key, he has played a few good shots to stroke 24 from 19 balls.

Washington, who has one over in hand, comes back for his second spell. Gunathilaka again can't make most of the full toss, driving it down to long-off for one.

Gunaratne looks to play a wild shot before adjusting late to block it on the leg side and then is beaten by a very quick delivery from the off-spinner.

Three singles from the last three balls as Washington finishes with good figures of one for 22 in four overs on his T20 debut.

Gunathilaka is struggling against the spinners and has failed to read Kuldeep's variations. He tries to hit himself out of trouble but ends up hitting it straight into the hands of Pandya at deep midwicket to perish for three.
19:43   Pandya strikes, SL 4 down

SL 57-4 (9 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Left-arm chinaman spinner Kuldeep Yadav comes into the attack. Gunaratne is beaten first up as the bowler appeals for catch behind but the umpire is not interested.

He gets an edge off the next ball trying to play the cut shot but Dhoni drops a sharp chance as the ball bounces more than expected and they pick a single.

Samarawickrama then heaves the spinner on the leg side and barely manages the clear the fielder at midwicket and gets a boundary and Gunaratne sweeps the next for one to the fielder in the deep.

Samarawickrama gets an inside edge off the last ball for a single on the off-side.

Pandya bowls another quick bouncer to Samarawickrama who takes a couple of steps down before he ducks under it.

The next ball is full as Samarawickrama gives Pandya the charge and tries to loft it down the ground but ends up holing out to Karthik at mid-off.

Samarawickrama walks back for 21 as Sri Lanka are reduced to 56 for four in the ninth over.

New batsman Danushka Gunathilaka goes after a wide away going delivery and nearly gets an edge before he defends the last ball.
19:32   Sri Lanka struggle after early wickets

SL 45-3 (7 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Washington continues as Samarawickrama takes a single from the first ball. The off-spinner drops short and Gunaratne has no problems pulling it through midwicket for a four.

Samarawickrama gets a lifeline as he edges the last ball but it hits Dhoni's gloves and goes past the fielder at first slip.

Mohammed Siraj into the attack in place of Unadkat, who bowled an excellent first spell of two for seven in two overs.

Samarawickrama steers the first ball square but Manish Pandey comes up with a full length diving stop at point to save some runs.

Gunaratne then skips down the track and blasts it through the covers for a four before he tries to guide a short ball over the keeper but fails to make connection.

Samarawickrama plays a delightful cover drive, timing it perfection for the second four of the over, which goes for 11 runs.

Hardik Pandya comes into the attack as he replaces Washington, who bowled an impressive first spell of one for 18 in three overs.

He starts with a leg side wide to Gunaratne, who clips the second ball on the leg side for one.

He then bowls a quick short ball as Samarawickrama goes for the pull but is hit on the helmet as it beats Dhoni and goes for a four. He then tries another wild shot on the leg side but gets an inside edge for two runs before he flashes at a wide ball but is beaten.
19:20   Sri Lanka in trouble after early wickets

SL 19-3 (4 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Tharanga steers a wide delivery from Unadkat past the fielder at slip for a four. However, the pacer gets revenge immediately as Tharanga hits a slower ball straight to the fielder at deep midwicket to perish for 11.

Sadeera Samarwickrama almost perishes off the next ball as he gets an inside edge which narrowly misses the stumps.

Asila Gunaratne also gets an inside edge off the last ball as it bounces over the stumps./

Sri Lanka off to a horror start as they are reduced to 19 for three in four overs.
19:17   Sri Lanka in trouble after early wickets

SL 14-2 (3 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Kusal Perera gets off the mark with a boundary as Pandya messes up an easy stop on the fence, not typical of the all-rounder, who is rated as a top fielder in this team.

However, Washington strikes with the very next delivery.

Perera, who hit a blazing half-century in the previous game, gives his wicket away cheaply as he offers a simple return catch back to the bowler.
19:13   Dickwella fails with the bat, SL lose early wicket

SL 9-1 (2 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

A surprise at the start as India open with spin!

Debutant Washington opens the bowling for India against the left-handed opening duo of Niroshan Dickwella and Upul Tharanga.

Dickwella gets off the mark with a single off the second ball before Tharanga lofts the fourth ball over the covers for a four and then flicks the next to deep square leg for one.

Dickwella defends the last ball as Washington concedes just six in his first over.

Left-arm Jaydev Unadkat from the other end. Tharanga looks to turn the next ball on the leg side but is beaten and picks a leg bye.

Dickwella is eager to get after the pacer but can't get his timing right. And Unadkat ends his poor start as he gets him caught at mid-on for one.
18:33   India elect to bowl vs SL, Washington and Siraj included
India captain Rohit Sharma has won the toss and elected to bowl against Sri Lanka at the Wankhede stadium.

Having already pocketed the series 2-0, India have made a couple of changes.

Washington Sundar makes his debut, while pacer Mohammed Siraj also gets a game as Yuzvendra Chahal and Jasprit Bumrah are given a rest.
18:22   Washington set for T20 debut
Tamil Nadu off-spinner Sundar Washington will make his T20 debut, he was earlier handed his India cap by selector Sarandeep Singh.
18:10   Dominant India eye whitewash against Sri Lanka
Welcome to the coverage of the third and final T20 International between India and Sri Lanka in Mumbai on Sunday.

This will be India's final international game in 2017 and they will be looking to finish off on a high, which will also help them complete a 3-0 series whitewash.

Having already sealed the series 2-0, India are likely to give some of the bench players a chance.

 For the islanders, it has been a forgetful year, and the two recent defeats against India have just added to their misery.

While the hosts thrashed Sri Lanka by 93 runs in the first match at Cuttack, they outclassed them by 88 runs in Indore to seal the series. The visitors also lost the ODIs 1-2 and drew a blank in the Test series held earlier.

On the other hand, India have been cruising across all formats and would surely look to end a successful year with another thumping win ahead of a tough tour of South Africa where they play three Tests, six ODIs and three T20s.

The constant one-sided results may not be an ideal preparation for India for the upcoming tour, but the positive thing is that in absence of seniors including inspirational captain Virat Kohli, the youngsters have taken responsibility and delivered in the T20s and ODIs.

Stand-in skipper Rohit Sharma, who equalled David Miller's record of the fastest ever T20 century during his 43-ball 118-run innings in Indore, is in peak form and he would love to continue his good run at his home ground.

Be it K L Rahul, Shreyas Iyer, Manish Pandey or the experienced campaigner Mahendra Singh Dhoni -- all have chipped in when needed and coach Ravi Shastri would expect them to fire big time on Sunday.