Punjab lose 5th wicket
May 05, 2017  21:04

Punjab 79-5 (14 ovs) vs Bangalore | Scorecard

Maxwell tries to go after Chahal but the ball goes past the batsman and keeper for four byes.

Another heave and keeper Jadhav is 'nutmegged' as the ball goes for another four byes.

Maxwell reverse sweeps and is finally gone caught by Badree but is that a no-ball by Chahal? 

It was a close call and Maxwell has to go back. He goes for 7.

Nine runs and a wicket off the over.

Negi continues. 

Saha and Maxwell are for now content with just the ones and twos.

Maxwell reverse sweeps and the ball rushes past a flying Aniket Chaudhary at backward point for a boundary.

The batsmen end the over with a single off a leg bye. 
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