Fri, 05 May 2017
IPL updates: Kings XI Punjab beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by 19 runs

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23:28   RCB all out for 119 in 19 overs

Bangalore 119 all out (19 ovs) vs Punjab 138-7 (20 ovs) Scorecard

RCB are all out for 119 in 19 overs. This is a shameful batting show by Virat Kohli and his men.

This the lowest total defended in Bangalore.

Mohit Sharma continues and Aniket gets a run to point.

Chahal now gets a run to cover.

Another slow delivery and Aniket takes a single to short fine leg. 

Chahal then gets a quick single.

Good pacey delivery to Aniket.

Last ball of the over and Aniket is caught by Guptill at mid-off.

Axar comes back into the attack and does the job at get go.

He gets the important wicket of Pawan Negi and then has Samuel Badree bowled out for 8.

It's all but over for RCB. 

Aniket and Chahal now at the crease. The batsmen run for four good singles in that over.

Maxwell gives away 8 runs before Mohit Sharma gives away five runs.
23:07   Bangalore dented further

Bangalore 98-7 (15 ovs) vs Punjab 138-7 (20 ovs) Scorecard

Varun Aaron continues. 

Negi flashes at the ball and it races over slips for a four,

He comes back with a good ball. Gives no room to Negi.

Aaron then strays down the leg side, Negi gets a bit of a bat to it and with fine leg up that ball races to the boundary. 

Ten runs of the over.

Maxwell continues and he gets another scalp. This time Aravind is caught plumb in front as he goes for a slog sweep.

Bangalore staring down the barrel here as they continue to lose wickets and the runs have dried up with the big shots coming few and far between.

Varun Aaron comes in to bowl. 

He bowls two wides and the next ball Negi dances down the track and hits over extra cover for a boundary.

Aravind runs two and that the call for a strategic timeout.
22:50   Bangalore making a hash of the chase

Bangalore 75-6 (12 ovs) vs Punjab 138-7 (20 ovs) Scorecard

Maxwell brings himself on and gets the much-needed wicket of Mandeep Singh.

Mandeep goes for a heave but is beaten all ends up. The ball crashes into the stumps and he is gone for 46.

Aravind comes in to bat. 

Maxwell nearly gets another one. Wraps Aravind on the pads but the ball is going down leg and its hit him high.

Axar continues.

And he has the big wicket of Shane Watson! Watson gets a fine nick and superb glovework by Saha to hold on to that catch.

RCB now five down.

Mandeep gives Mohit the treatment.

He begins the over with a four through point and then gets a huge six over mid-wicket. He takes 13 runs off Mohit to RCB a go. 
22:38   Sandeep Sharma takes out the Big 3 of RCB

Bangalore 55-4 (9 ovs) vs Punjab 138-7 (20 ovs) Scorecard

Axar introduced into the innings. 

He does well to give just three runs in the over.

Mohit Sharma comes into the attack.

Soft dismissal of  Jadhav. He mistimes his shot and gives a simple catch to Axar Patel at short cover.

Watson comes in to bat. No run.

Mohit has had a great start giving just two runs and taking the wicket of Jadhav to strangle the RCB chase.

Sandeep Sharma continues. 

50 comes up for RCB as Jadhav plays it off his pads for a single to long leg.

Just 4 runs in that over and Sandeep has finished his spell. 

Maxwell now has the hard task of finding the bowler who can take the 7 remaining wickets of RCB.
22:22   Gayle, Kohli, AB gone cheaply

Bangalore 46-3 (6 ovs) vs Punjab 138-7 (20 ovs) Scorecard

Mandeep pulls Aaron for a boundary through deep mid-wicket.

Jadhav sees the width and cuts it for a boundary through backward point. 

End of Powerplay overs and time-out is called.

De Villiers picks a over-pitched delivery and sends it blazing past bowler Sandeep Sharma for a boundary straight down the ground.

De Villiers comes down the track but a swing and a mix.

Next ball is launched through deep mid-wicket for a six.

Sandeep takes his revenge. De Villiers goes down the track and is caught behind by Saha for 10.

Varun Aaron sent for a boundary over the top of point fielder Martin Guptill.

Aaron gives just the four runs to bowl a good over.

Sandeep continues. 

After keeping the batsmen quiet for most of the over, he then rattles Kohli's stumps to have him bowled for 6.

De Villiers comes in to bat. 

22:00   Gayle gone for a duck

Bangalore 22-1 (2 ovs) vs Punjab 138-7 (20 ovs) Scorecard

Mandeep Sharma goes on his backfoot and pulls it for a four over fine leg.

T Natarajan gets a cruel welcome here. 

Next ball he is cut through covers for another boundary.

Inside edge and that is another boundary. Keeper fails to stop it and RCB on a roll here.

Mandeep pushes the next ball for a single to mid-wicket.

15 off the over.

Kohli starts his innings with a boundary.

A flick off his pads and a four through deep mid-wicket.

Another flick of the wrists and Kohli runs two.

7 runs and wicket in the first over!

Sandeep Sharma opens the bowling and a great ball to Mandeep at get go.

A run-out chance at the striker's end. Gayle got lucky as Mohit Sharma's throw missed the stumps.

The ball beats the bat again.What a ball!

Gayle comes down the track and a soft dismissal here.

Easy catch for Guptill at point. Gayle gone for a duck!

21:39   Axar hammers Watson for 19 runs in last over

Punjab 138-7 (20 ovs) vs Bangalore | Scorecard

19 runs come off the last over and Axar has done well to take Punjab's score to 138 for 7 off the 20 overs.

Watson bowls the last over and Axar Patel goes after him.

He bowls a full length ball and Patel gives it the treatment.

Patel places the ball well and Chahal fields the ball at the boundary to keep it down to 2.

Axar Patel pulls the ball, using the pace of the ball and gets a boundary wide of deep square.

He then smashes it down the ground and that is another boundary. Wow!

Watson under pressure and bowls a really wide ball. 

Axar scampers for another couple of runs to keep the strike.

Good ball, right in the blockhole. Dug out by Axar. 
21:29   Axar's rear guard takes Punjab past 100

Punjab 119-7 (19 ovs) vs Bangalore | Scorecard

A wicket-maiden bowled by Aniket Choudhary.

Mohit Sharma is caught behind off the bowling of Aniket and it's the first ball of the 19th over.

Punjab in a rut as Varun Aaron comes in to bat.

Aniket continues to bowl a great line and length and giving no chance to the batsmen to go big.

He is mixing the deliveries well here.

Watson comes back and Saha gets an inside edge down to deep fine leg. A misfield by Aniket gifts him 2 runs.

Watson then comes back with a peach. Saha is bowled and that is the end of a blossoming partnership.

Watson to Mohit Sharma, he sends the ball to third man for a single.

Axar happy to take a single and give the strike to Mohit.

He takes a swipe and hits the ball fine to beat the third man fielder for a boundary.

One run taken off the last ball.

Pacer Chaudhary comes back into the attack as Kohli looks to finish off the proceedings soon.

Saha starts off with a single. Axar then scampers through for a couple.

The ball bounces and Axar takes a swipe and the ball goes down to backward square leg and a single taken.

Saha then spots the slower delivery and places it to the boundary at backward point.

Ball drifts on the pads and Axar takes two runs. 

11 off the over and Punjab slowly building a partnership here.

Chahal continues. 

Saha takes big swipe, gets a leading edge and thankfully the ball falls in no man's land.

Chahal bowls a wide down the leg side.

Two balls later, another wide is bowled.

Axar connects and connects well. He swings his arms and the ball goes for a six over long on.

A deft touch and a four down to third man. Patel follows that up with a couple, he hits the ball down to deep mid-wicket and runs the two with ease. 

15 come off that over.

Badree comes back into the attack and bowls a tidy over, giving only 5 runs.

21:04   Punjab lose 5th wicket

Punjab 79-5 (14 ovs) vs Bangalore | Scorecard

Maxwell tries to go after Chahal but the ball goes past the batsman and keeper for four byes.

Another heave and keeper Jadhav is 'nutmegged' as the ball goes for another four byes.

Maxwell reverse sweeps and is finally gone caught by Badree but is that a no-ball by Chahal? 

It was a close call and Maxwell has to go back. He goes for 7.

Nine runs and a wicket off the over.

Negi continues. 

Saha and Maxwell are for now content with just the ones and twos.

Maxwell reverse sweeps and the ball rushes past a flying Aniket Chaudhary at backward point for a boundary.

The batsmen end the over with a single off a leg bye. 
20:54   Punjab in big trouble

Punjab 63-4 (12 ovs) vs Bangalore | Scorecard

Chahal continues. 

Saha starts with a single down to short third man.

Vohra tries to go after Chahal, mistimes it only to find the hands of De Villiers at long-on. He is gone for 25 off 28.

Maxwell comes out and gets off the mark with a single to the cover region.

Chahal gives away just three runs.

Watson back in the attack. 

Yuzvendra Chahal comes into the attack and he gives away just 2 runs in his opening over.

There was nearly a wicket there in the over but keeper Kedar Jadhav made a hash of a stumping chance and Saha gets a life.
20:40   Negi strikes

Punjab 53-3 (9 ovs) vs Bangalore | Scorecard

Punjab take 11 off that Negi over and finally get to the 50-run mark.

It's a slow start for the team here but with the strategic timeout taken it will hoped that Saha and Vohra stick together and prop Punjab to a big total.

Vohra takes on Negi and gets the first six of the innings! It's nice and long and over long-on.

Badree continues.

Saha comes in to bat and opens his account with a single through point.

Just 3 runs coming off the over.

Spin from both ends as Pawan Negi comes into the attack. 

Marsh tries to cut but the faster ball and he can't spot it. 

Marsh takes one run through mid-wicket.

Vohra follows it up with another single.

Marsh has mistimed the shot, tries to play it to mid-on but goes straight into the hands of the fielder at mid-off.

Marsh gone for 9.

Samuel Badree introduced into the attack.

First three balls are dots, but Vohra then takes to runs off him, AB de Villiers stops a certain boundary, diving full stretch to keep the ball inside the ropes.

He is then hit for a lucky boundary behind the stumps after getting an inside edge.
20:23   Guptill gone for 9

Punjab 29-2 (5 ovs) vs Bangalore | Scorecard

Shane Watson brought into the attack. 

He gives Marsh some width and he latches onto it and caresses the ball through the covers for a boundary.

What placement by Marsh. He just places it through short third man for the 2nd four of the over.

Watson comes back well, to give only 2 more runs after that. 

10 off the over.

Marsh gets two runs through mid-wicket.

He whips the next ball down to square leg for a single.

This time Guptill goes. He looks to hit straight but the ball goes straight into the hands of Negi at sweeper cover. 

Aravind strikes and Guptill out for 9.

Manan Vohra comes in at No 4.  

Aniket nearly gets the second wicket. Another mishit by Guptill but AB de Villiers can't get to the ball. A life for the Kiwi.

He then takes a run to mid-on. 

Marsh also happy to finish the over with a single.

20:11   Amla gone for 1

Punjab 11-1 (2 ovs) vs Bangalore | Scorecard

Guptill gets the first boundary. 

He tries to go over mid-off but the gets a leading edge and he gets a four through cover.

Marsh's crisp shot sends the ball to the boundary through the covers! What a shot!

Nine off the S Aravind over.

Aniket Chaudhary bowls the opening ball of the match to Hashim Amla.

Amla opens his account with a single.

There is some movement and Martin Guptill is caught a bit cramped but he manages to push it to the leg side for a single.

Amla gone for 1! Amla gets a nick and Jadhav takes a clean catch behind the stumps. No appeal but Amla walks.

Shaun Marsh comes in at No 3 and that's another peach of a delievery. It shapes back in and then goes to the 'keeper.

Good start for RCB.
19:47   Kohli elects to field

Welcome to the updates of Game 43 of the Indian Premier League as Royal Challengers Bangalore are all set to take on Kings XI Punjab.

With an aim to stay relevant till the business end, a desperate Kings XI Punjab will be aiming a comprehensive victory against a down and out Royal Challengers Bangalore.

For Kings XI Punjab, a win will keep them in contention with another four matches after Friday.

The RCB under Virat Kohli will however be only playing for pride with an aim to finish on a winning note in their remaining matches.

With nothing save pride at stake, Kohli might be inclined to give some of the youngsters a go removing the non-performers.

Playing XI:

Punjab: Martin Guptill, Hashim Amla, Manan Vohra, Shaun Marsh, Glenn Maxwell, Wriddhiman Saha, Axar Patel, Mohit Sharma, Varun Aaron, Sandeep Sharma, T Natarajan

Bangalore: Virat Kohli, Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers, Mandeep Singh, Shane Watson, Kedar Jadhav, Pawan Negi, Samuel Badree, Aniket Choudhary, Sreenath Arvind, Yuzvendra Chahal