Sandeep Sharma takes out the Big 3 of RCB
May 05, 2017  22:38

Bangalore 55-4 (9 ovs) vs Punjab 138-7 (20 ovs) Scorecard

Axar introduced into the innings. 

He does well to give just three runs in the over.

Mohit Sharma comes into the attack.

Soft dismissal of  Jadhav. He mistimes his shot and gives a simple catch to Axar Patel at short cover.

Watson comes in to bat. No run.

Mohit has had a great start giving just two runs and taking the wicket of Jadhav to strangle the RCB chase.

Sandeep Sharma continues. 

50 comes up for RCB as Jadhav plays it off his pads for a single to long leg.

Just 4 runs in that over and Sandeep has finished his spell. 

Maxwell now has the hard task of finding the bowler who can take the 7 remaining wickets of RCB.
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