Sri Lanka's run rate drops
September 03, 2017  17:17

Sri Lanka 158-3 (32 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Jadhav continues and Thirimanne gets to his half-century off 83 balls.

It's a crucial innings given the circumstances he came to the crease.

Mathews comes down the track and dispatches the bowler through mid-on for a boundary after quite sometime.

That is 7 runs off the over.

Sri Lanka's run rate has fallen in the last few overs but the batsmen have done well to stitch up an 80-odd run partnership.

They look set for a par score of 26-270 and that should challenge the Indians.

The 150 comes up in the 31st over off the bowling of Chahal.

Chahal is beating the bat with his turning deliveries.

Jadhav comes back into the attack.

Bowls a wide and gives three runs in the over.

Bumrah continues and the Lankans are picking the singles and twos with ease. 

He mixes it up with a yorker that is well dug out by Thirimanne.

Chahal continues and he is tonked over long on by Thirimanne -- that is the first six of the innings!

Nice clean shot here. 8 runs have come off the over.

Kohli brings Bumrah back into the attack and the bowler gives away just one run in the over.

For the first time in the innings Sri Lanka's run rate has slipped down to below 4 (3.43 after 27 overs).

Chahal again is stingy, giving away just three runs.

Mathews tries to go after Thakur, gets the leading edge but is lucky that the ball has fallen away from Jadhav and runs to the boundary.

Chahal continues and gives away just 2 runs again.
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