India in trouble after early wickets
September 02, 2018  17:06

India 29-3 (14 ovs); Target to win: 245 | Scorecard

A single to Rahane on the off-side before Kohli drives a full delivery from Broad through the covers for one to get off the mark.

Anderson attacking the stumps, looking to make Kohli play as much as possible as the India captain blocks out a testing over from the pacer.

In the next over, Rahane steers Broad to thirdman for a single before Kohli picks another run on the leg side.

Rahane looking to keep the scoreboard ticking as he picks another quick single and Kohli also takes one to get four runs from the over.

A break for Anderson after a superb first spell of two for 15 in six overs as England introduce spin early in the form of Moeen Ali, who claimed five wickets in the first innings.

He immediately looks to target the rough patches outside the off-stump to Kohli, who defends watchfully. Kohli does well to get outside the line of the off-stump as Moeen pegs him on the pads but the leg before appeal is turned down.

A good start for Moeen as he begins with a maiden over to Kohli.

Double change for England as Ben Stokes comes in from the other end. He starts with one that bounces extra and Rahane does well to defend it on the off-side.

The next ball again rises sharply as Stokes generates some extra bounce and Rahane this time again blocks it on the leg side.

Stokes pitches one up as Rahane goes for the defensive push but is beaten outside the off-stump.
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