Rahul falls for a duck; India lose early wicket
September 02, 2018  16:18

India 9-1 (4 ovs); Target to win: 245 | Scorecard

The action resumes as James Anderson comes in to bowl to Shikhar Dhawan. He offers no shot to the first ball and does the same to the next but this time the ball comes in and hits him on the pads. The impact is high and the umpire is not interested and England also decide against the DRS.

The next four deliveries are well wide as Dhawan is easily able to watch go through without offering a shot.

Stuart Broad to bowl the second over. The first ball comes in as KL Rahul defends before the next goes away to beat the right-hander.

Broad then again gets the ball to move away a great deal as Rahul pokes and is beaten yet again.

A good mix from Broad as the gets the next ball to come in and Rahul defends it on the off-side. A second maiden over in a row from England.

Dhawan gets India off the mark in streaky fashion. He gets a thick outside edge off the third ball which goes past the slips for a four.

Anderson then gets one to jag in sharply but it is doing a bit too much and saves Dhawan from the LBW appeal.

Broad makes the breakthrough in his second over. The first ball comes in but stays very low as Rahul is beaten all ends up to be bowled for a duck.

The uneven bounce is going to be a big factor in India's run chase and the rest of the batsmen will be a worried lot seeing the Rahul dismissal. There is nothing much you can do when you get such a delivery!

Cheteshwar Pujara gets a thick edge for a single to get off the mark.

Broad bowls a half-volley on the stumps as Dhawan clips it through square leg for a four.
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