Shahzad's century lifts Afghanistan to 252
September 25, 2018  20:36

Afg 252-8 (50 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Khaleel comes back and he strikes with the wicket of Nabi, who mishits the slower ball and caught for a quickfire 64 from 56 balls.

Infact, Kuldeep clashed with Karthik at mid-off as both went for the catch but the former was able to hang on.

Rashid picks a single off the fourth ball before Aftab Alam blocks the last two balls.

A good over from Khaleel, who concedes just two runs while taking the key wicket of Nabi.

Rashid suffering from some injury as the physio comes out to attend. Kaul bowls a good yorker as Rashid digs it out on the off-side but turns down the single before taking one off the next.

Kaul firing in the yorkers as Alam keeps out another yorker before he digs out the next to long-off for one.

Five yorkers in a row as Rashid drives it to long-on for another single before Alam misses out on a full toss as just three come from the penultimate over.

Khaleel starts the final over with a slower ball which Rashid chips to long-on for just a single.

A single to Alam off the next bring up Afghanistan's 250 in the final over.

Rashid picks up two runs from the fourth ball on the leg side but is unable to get a run off the last two balls as he also looks hampered by some injury.
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