Gill, Rana put KKR back on track
October 18, 2020  16:26

KKR 57-1 (8 ovs) vs SRH

All-rounder Vijay Sharma comes into the attack at the end of the Powerplay.

The first ball bounces a bit more than expected as Gill defends it to point before he tries the pull shot but is beaten and then blocks the third back to the bowler.

Gill then gets a thick outside edge which goes just wide of the fielder at short thirdman and goes through for a four before he picks a single off the last ball.

Spin introduced as leg-spinner Rashid Khan comes into the attack.

Gill defends the first two balls on the off-side before he gets a single on the leg side. Nitish Rana takes a big stride forward and keeps out a flighted delivery before he gets a thick outside edge past the slip fielder for two runs. The left-hander sweeps the last ball to deep square leg for one as KKR reach 57-1 in eight overs.
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