IPL: De Kock, Krunal Pandya steady Mumbai
October 18, 2020  20:28

Mumbai 80-3 (11 ovs) vs Kings XI

Maxwell comes to bowl his last over. Pandya defends. Pandya drives it over extra cover. Jordan tries to stop the ball but Pandya will get a boundary. Three more singles from the over. Dot ball to end the over. 

After 9 overs Mumbai are 60-3. 

Murugan Ashwin is here. He starts with a googly, Pandya is beaten. Another googly, edge and it is too wide of Gayle. Ball races to the boundary. Four runs! Slip comes for Pandya, he He drives to cover for a single. Quinton mis-hits, no runs. He now cuts to the deep cover for a single. Krunal slams the ball to the boundary, deep cover has no chance to stop that. After 10 overs, Mumbai are 70-3. 

 Deepak Hooda is here, Quinton sends the ball to leg side for a single. Pandya plays late-cut, Ashwin dives to save a single. Pandya gets a single this time. De Kock hammers the ball over square leg for a maximum! Six runs! Two more singles from the over. 

After 11 overs Mumbai are 80-3. De Kock is on 35 (27) and Krunal Pandya is on 26 (20).
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