Billings-Russell partnership takes shape
May 14, 2022  21:00
KKR 129-5 (16) vs SRH

Natarajan to deliver the 15th over.

Both Russell and Billings are set on the crease now and do not mind taking the ones at the moment as four singles come off the first five deliveries.

The final ball is a full-toss and Russell is quick to pounce on it - smashed for SIX over mid-wicket!.

On to the 16th over and Umran Malik continues.

Billings greets him spectacularly with two back-to-back fours off the second and third ball. Both were hit with tremendous power and technique as they raced towards the boundary.

Two singles to finish the over. At the end of 16 overs, KKR is 129-5
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