Dhawan falls for 28; India 2 down
November 30, 2022  08:09

India 55-2 (13 ovs) vs NZ | Scorecard

Milne continues as Iyer steers the first ball to thirdman for a single before Dhawan is beaten outside the off-stump pushing away from his body and he gets a single on the off-side.

Iyer runs the fifth ball off the outside half to thirdman for one before Dhawan skips down the track and pushes the last ball into the covers.

Henry to bowl his sixth over in a row. Iyer, on 6, gets a lifeline as he tries to slash the pacer over the covers but ends up slicing it to Milne at thirdman, who comes charging in but puts down an easy chance. He had enough time to judge the ball as he even took the catch with both hands but somehow ended up dropping it.

Dhawan cuts the next ball but it falls well short of the fielder at thirdman this time.

Iyer plays a beautiful straight drive last ball hitting it past mid-off for a four to take India past the 50-run mark in the 12th over.

Still pace for the Kiwis as Milne continues from the other end. Dhawan pulls the first ball for a single and Iyer carves the next to thirdman for another run.

Milne makes up for the dropped catch in the previous over with the wicket of India captain Dhawan.

Dhawan uses his feet but only manages to inside edge the ball off his pads on to the stumps to be bowled for 28.
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