India lose 7th wkt; Kiwis on top
November 30, 2022  10:18

India 180-7 (40 ovs) vs NZ | Scorecard

Ferguson is called back into the attack. Sundar offers no shot to the first two balls before he pokes away from his body and is beaten.

He picks a single from the fifth ball and Chahal is beaten trying to glance the last ball as the confident appeal for leg before wicket is turned down.

Henry, who has two overs in hand, is back into the attack. 

Sundar looking to keep most of the strike as he leaves the first two balls and is then beaten outside the off-stump.

Sundar picks a single off the fourth ball before Chahal is beaten by the length delivery angling away, as he is squared up completely and the ball bounces over the stumps, before he defends the last ball to mid-on.

In the next over, Sundar drives Ferguson through the covers and takes a single off the very first delivery.

Chahal plays a lovely shot, slapping the pacer past point for three runs to get off the mark.

Sundar takes toll off an overpitched delivery, driving it straight down the ground for a four.

India are 180/7 in 40 overs, with Sundar on 28 and Chahal on 3.
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