India off to a cautious start vs NZ
November 30, 2022  07:36

India 17-0 (6 ovs) vs NZ | Scorecard

Henry to bowl the fourth over. Dhawan offers no stroke to the first ball before he comes down and is beaten trying to steer it to thirdman.

Dhawan clips the fourth ball to square leg before Gill is beaten by a beauty from Henry, as the full delivery moves away late to go past the edge.

Southee bowls the first maiden over of the innings as Dhawan, looking to break free, can only defend. He attempts the big shot by giving the pacer the charge but is forced to push it on the off-side.

Henry starts his new over with another super delivery as Gill is beaten as he pushes away from his body. A nervy start for the youngster as he is yet to score from nine balls faced.

After three dots in a row, Gill takes a single to get off the mark from the 12th ball faced, that is also the first run for India after 12 dot balls in a row.

Dhawan is beaten outside the off-stump as he pokes at the away going delivery before he keeps out the last ball.
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