India off to a good start vs NZ
November 30, 2022  07:25

India 15-0 (3 ovs) vs NZ | Scorecard

The weather is much better with clear bright skies overhead at Hagley Oval as Shikhar Dhawan and Shubman Gill walk out to open the Indian innings.

Veteran Tim Southee opens the bowling for New Zealand. The first ball is wide of the stumps as Dhawan leaves before he guides the next to thirdman for a single to get off the mark.

Gill defends the next ball on the leg side followed by a leave before the right-hander is beaten trying to drive through the off-side.

He plays and misses again off the last ball to end a good first over from Southee.

Matt Henry from the other end. Dhawan defends the first ball on the off-side before he is beaten next ball by one which slants away from the India captain.

He comes down the track to slice Henry over the off-side as the ball flies across the turf for the first boundary of the Indian innings and clips the last ball for a single through square leg for two runs.

Southee continues as Gill misses the flick but picks up a leg bye. Dhawan is beaten next ball as he tries to ramp it over the wicketkeeper before he comes down and lofts the fourth ball over long-on for a six and then picks a single.
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