Iyer, Pant steady India
November 30, 2022  08:41

India 85-2 (20 ovs) vs NZ | Scorecard

Milne goes short as Iyer pulls it back down the ground, past the non-striker Pant for a four.

Short and wide delivery as Iyer looks to smash it hard through the off-side but misses before he blocks the next.

Milne tries another short ball and Iyer is waiting on the backfoot as he pulls it over mid-on for another four and keeps strike with a single from the last ball.

Ferguson starts his new over with a full delivery as Iyer inside edges it on to his pads before the next is a wide down the leg side.

Iyer looks to drive the pacer but ends up slicing it over the covers for a single and Pant misses the clip to get a leg bye.

Iyer does well to confidently block the last two balls of the over.

No signs of spin yet as medium pacer Daryl Mitchell comes into the attack, to bowl the 19th over.

Pant pushes the first ball into the covers and offers no shot to the next two and then pushes the fourth ball with soft hands on the off-side and steals a quick single.

A full wide delivery with a tinge of away movement as Iyer is happy to push it to point and he clips the last ball to midwicket for one.

Change of ends for Milne as he takes over from Ferguson. Iyer slaps the second ball to sweeper cover for one 

Pant whips the fourth ball over midwicket for a four before he chases a full wide delivery and is beaten.

He takes a single from the last ball as India reach 85/2 in 20 overs.

Iyer has once again made a good start, scoring 27 from 40 balls, while Pant is on 10 from 13 balls.
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