New Zealand off to a good start!
November 30, 2022  11:51

NZ 23-0 (6 ovs) vs India 219 | Scorecard

Finn goes after a short wide delivery from Chahar, as he gets a thick outside edge past the two slips for a single to thirdman.

Conway resisting the urge to flick across the line as he watchfully blocks a full delivery back to the bowler.

He keeps out the next few balls before running the last ball down to thirdman for a single.

Arshdeep continues to bowl in the wind as Conway pulls the second ball for a single before the pacer gets his line completely wrong. A full delivery way down the leg side is glanced fine by Allen for a four.

He ignores the next ball and blocks the fifth ball from the crease before he misses out on a full wide delivery.

Conway showing a lot of patience. He is keeping out the good balls before he makes most of a rare loose delivery from Chahar, driving the wide half volley square on the off-side for a four.

He misses the clip to collect a leg bye before Allen gets one off the last ball to retain strike.

In the next over, Arshdeep again drifts on the leg side as Allen misses the glance but the ball goes fine off the pads for four leg byes.

Allen, on 8, has a close shave as he chips the fourth ball straight back but it goes over the bowler ARshdeep, who leaps high and gets his finger tips on it but is unable to take the difficult chance.

Allen flashes hard at the last ball but gets the edge which flies over the slips for a four.
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