New Zealand on top
November 30, 2022  10:29

India 189-7 (43 ovs) vs NZ | Scorecard

Chahal on strike against Henry bowling his final over.

Chahal looking to keep out the pacer without taking any risks as he blocks the first two balls before he pushes away from his body and is beaten.

Another couple of blocks before Chahal plays and misses again as Henry ends his spell with a maiden over for tidy figures of 10 overs for 29 runs with two maidens.

Ferguson from the other end. Sundar leaves a short ball slanted across him before he clips the third ball through square leg for two runs and then takes one off the fifth ball.

Ferguson bowls a high bouncer to Chahal from around the wicket which is ruled a wide before the right-hander keeps out the last ball.

Finally, we will have some spin as Mitchell Santner comes into the attack, to bowl the 43rd over.

Sundar clips the first ball in the gap with soft hands through square leg for a couple of runs and slaps the next through the covers for a single and Chahal does well to clip the third past square leg for another run and hand the strike back to his partner.

Sensible batting from Sundar as he taps the fifth ball on the leg side for a quick single and Chahal keeps out the last ball.

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