Australia in complete control
June 10, 2023  21:53

India 124-3 (30 ovs) vs Aus; Target: 444 | Scorecard

Some sharp turn for Lyon with extra bounce as Rahane goes back and gets his bat down in time to block it.

Rahane sweeps the next ball past short fine leg getting on top of the ball nicely for a four. Lyon overpitches and this time Rahane gently defends it to mid-off.

Boland tempts Kohli with the full delivery wide of the stumps but he is happy to leave followed by another leave.

Boland comes close to the stumps as Kohli defends it on the off-side and then guides the fourth ball past point for a couple of runs before he keeps strike with a single from the last ball.

Lyon bowls another tidy over as Kohli takes a single before Rahane plays out four dot balls in a row.

India are 124/3 in 30 overs, needing another 320 runs for victory.
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