Kohli, Rahane hold firm after earlywkts
June 10, 2023  22:02

India 136-3 (33 ovs) vs Aus; Target: 444 | Scorecard

Boland gives some room as Rahane waits for the bat and opens the face of the bat to guide it past gully for a four and clips the fourth ball for a single.

The last two balls are too wide to make Kohli play, who offers no stroke.

Lyon continues from round the wicket. The third ball is slightly short as Rahane clips it off the backfoot to deep square leg for a single.

Kohli whips the fourth ball to the same fielder for another run. 

Starc, who dismissed Kohli in the first innings, is back into the attack. He starts with a short of length delivery which Kohli fends on the off-side and he keeps out the next few.

Starc drifts on the pads as Kohli clips it square on the leg side for a four and drives the next into the covers.
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