Rohit, Gill give India a flying start
June 10, 2023  19:33

India 41-0 (7 ovs) vs Aus; Target: 444 | Scorecard

Cummins continues as Gill nudges the second ball off his pads for a single.

Rohit plays a cracking straight drive as Cummins manages to stop it on his follow through to save the boundary and the India captain solidly blocks the rest of the over.

In the next over, Gill gets an edge off Boland but he has not pushed with hard hands as the ball lands well short of the slips.

He slaps Boland through the covers for two runs before hitting the last ball past point for two more runs.

Starc comes into the attack in place of Cummins. Rohit looks in the mood today. 

He takes full toll of the short ball from Starc, pulling it over fine leg for a six, and then takes a single to race to 21 from 24 balls.

Gill steers the wide delivery from Starc past point for two runs and India get another extra run as the bowler has overstepped, followed by a single.

India are scoring nearly six per over, as they race to 41 for no loss in six overs.
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