Rohit gives India a quickfire start
June 10, 2023  20:40

India 76-1 (15 ovs) vs Aus; Target: 444 | Scorecard

Starc bowls short as Rohit again pulls it for an easy single and Pujara defends the full delivery with a straight bat before he somehow keeps out the short ball directed at his body from the left-arm pacer.

Boland errs with his length, bowling short and wide, as Rohit smashes it through the covers for a four.

The pacer immediately gets his length up and outside the off-stump forcing Rohit to defend.

Starc is not helping Australia's cause. He bowls it right in the slot, a wide half-volley, which Pujara drives straight down the ground past mid-off for a four.

He pulls back the length slightly as Pujara is beaten trying to defend and leaves the next two.

Starc drifts on the pads as Pujara clips it through midwicket for two runs.
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