Umesh strikes; Australia lose 5th wicket
June 10, 2023  15:37

Aus 138-5 (51 ovs) & 469 vs Ind 296 | Scorecard

Shami persists in the channel just outside the off-stump as Green continues to bat defensively, not wanting to play at anything away from the stumps.

He does push away from the body and gets the thick edge but it goes on the bounce to Kohli at gully.

Umesh looking to pitch it up as Carey defends before he clips the next to midwicket for a single.

Green has been quite good with his leaves but this time he plays at a wide full delivery only to get the edge which falls short of the slips and goes through for a four.

He continues to block solidly before picking a single off the last ball to retain strike.

Umesh continues from the other end with Siraj yet to bowl on  Day 4. The first ball keeps a bit low as Green gets his bat down in time to tap it towards midwicket for a single.

The third ball also stays low as Carey looking to drive the wide delivery is beaten before he pulls the next for a single.

Green pushes the fifth ball to Siraj at mid-on and risks the quick single to Siraj, who fails to gather the ball.
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