Afridi strikes; Canada in trouble!
June 11, 2024  20:29

Canada 30-2 (6 ovs) vs Pak | Scorecard

Change of ends for Afridi as he comes back for his second spell. After a poor first over, Afridi redeems himself with a wicket off the first ball of his second over.

He extracts some extra bounce as Pargat is struck on the gloves trying to defend and is caught by Fakhar Zaman at slip for two.

Canada in spot of bother on 29/2 in the sixth over.

Afridi bowls a wide down the leg side to new batter Nicholas Kirton. The left-hander defends the first ball he faces on the off-side and does the same next ball.

Kirton misses the flick as Afridi gets some sharp inswing into the left-hander and he avoids the bouncer next ball.

He plays away from his body last ball looking to block but the ball goes past the outside edge.

Canada have struggled in the Powerplay, to be reduced to 30/2 in six overs, with Johnson on 21 from 18 balls.
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