Amir strikes; Canada lose 1st wicket
June 11, 2024  20:17

Canada 20-1 (3 ovs) vs Pak | Scorecard

Mohammad Amir replaces Afridi, who struggled in the opening over.

He starts with a wide half-volley which Dhaliwal drives through the covers for a boundary.

Two balls later, Amir gets the ball to swing away quite a lot as Dhaliwal gets the edge but it falls short of the wicketkeeper.

Another beauty from Amir as he slants it across the right-hander, who is completed squared up as he looks to defend but is beaten.

Amir follows it up with a yorker which is somehow kept out by Dhaliwal as he gets his bat down in time.

The last ball is a cracker! Amir gets the full delivery to swing in sharply as Dhaliwal is bowled through the gate for four.
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