Amir strikes; Canada lose 7th wicket
June 11, 2024  21:36

Canada 96-7 (19 ovs) vs Pak

Afridi to bowl the 18th over. Heyliger picks a single off the first ball as he miscues it over the bowler's head.

Kaleem can't get a run off the next two balls before he gets the leading edge playing across the line but the ball falls safely on the off-side.

Kaleem takes a suicidal single off the fifth ball as his partner Heyliger is lucky that the fielder misses the direct hit.

Heyliger gets a thick outside edge last ball for another single to thirdman.

Amir to bowl the penultimate over. Heyliger top edges the pull shot as the ball flies fine on the leg side for a four.

He is then beaten by the slower ball before he misses the flick off the full ball on the pads.

Heyliger is hurried into the pull shot as he takes a single before Kaleem makes room but is beaten last ball.
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