Canada 3 down; Pakistan in control
June 11, 2024  20:36

Canada 43-3 (7 ovs) vs Pak | Scorecard

Fast bowler Haris Rauf comes into the attack. Johnson continues his attacking start as he slashes the short wide delivery from Rauf over point for  a six.

An angry Rauf responds with a bouncer which is too high as it goes over the batter and also beats the wicketkeeper for five wides, which is quite handy for the batting team on this tricky pitch.

Johnson goes hard at the wide delivery only to edge it to thirdman for one and Kirton takes a single next ball.

Canada lose a wicket off the last ball courtesy of a run out. Johnson pushes the last ball from Rauf into the covers as he initially looks for a single before deciding against it. His partner Kirton is a long way out of his crease and can't get back into his crease as Imad Wasim in the covers throws down the stumps with a brilliant direct hit.

Canada slip to 43/3 in seven overs.
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