Johnson rallies Canada past 50
June 11, 2024  20:45

Canada 52-3 (9 ovs) vs Pak | Scorecard

Afridi continues as Shreyas Movva inside edges the first ball on to his pads and pushes the next to the fielder at point.

Movva is beaten on the outside edge as he looks to defend against Afridi before he is hurried on the pull shot for a single to midwicket.

Afridi from round the wicket gets the ball to swing into Johnson, who is beaten and struck on the pads. There is a huge appeal for LBW but the impact looks quite high as Pakistan decide against the review.

Johnson makes room and thumps the last ball straight down the ground for a six. That was a clear miscue from the right-hander but the ball had enough power to clear the boundary.

Johnson has smashed his way to 34 from 25 balls to bring up Canada's 50, in the eighth over.

Left-arm spinner Imad Wasim comes into the attack. Movva clips the first ball off his pads for one and Johnson takes a risky single in the covers off the third ball.

Imad gets some sharp turn as Movva offers no shot before he defends the next.

He gets big turn off the last ball to beat Movva, who was looking to drive it through the covers.

Good start from Imad as he gives away just two singles in his first over.
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