Rizwan, Babar steady Pakistan
June 11, 2024  22:54
Babar Azam
Babar Azam

Pak 76-1 (13 ovs) vs Canada 106-7 | Scorecard

Pacer Heyliger is back into the attack. Some extra bounce on the line just outside the off-stump as Babar pokes and is beaten.

Babar and Rizwan continue to keep the scoreboard moving along as they collect five easy singles from the over.

Left-arm spinner Bin Zafar back into the attack. He does well to keep things in check, giving away just four singles in the 12th over.

Left-arm pacer Kaleem is back into the attack. Rizwan takes a single from the first ball on the off-side before Babar glances the third ball past short fine leg for two runs.

Babar breaks the shackles as he uses his feet to slash the pacer past the fielder at point for a four and keeps strike with one off the last ball.
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