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2nd Test updates: South Africa 269-6 on Day 1 vs India

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January 13, 2018

20:56  India come back hard to pick four wickets in the last session:  

South Africa 269-6 (90 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

So Kohli did well to stick to his guns and refrain from going for the new ball and that paid dividends in the end.

What once looked like the Proteas were going to end the day at 350, India did well to peg them back.

The third session proved the most fruitful for the visitors with  four wickets as their fielding also worked wonders with the two run-outs. 

Du Plessis and Maharaj will take strike on Day 2 as they look to add to the total.

Bumrah now replaces Ashwin at the other end and he peppers Maharaj with short deliveries.

Maharaj then picks a single down the leg side. 

Du Plessis then plays the ball down for a single.

A full toss to end the day's play that Maharaj safely sees off.

Ishant is back in the attack, replacing Bumrah and that is a maiden.

The last three overs have produced just six runs.

Bumrah and Ashwin have kept the pressure on the Proteas batsmen.
20:29  Pandya has made things happen:  

South Africa 260-5 (85 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Pandya continues. 

Du Plessis plays a lovely, well timed cover drive for a boundary.

Keshav Maharaj comes in to bat and gets off the mark with a crisp boundary. 

The batsmen take 5 runs off Ashwin.

Pandya continues and now it's up to Du Plessis to lead a fightback. 

And another comedy of errors and that is another run-out.

It's a short ball and the Philander plays it off. The ball flies off his bat and falls at short point. Philander runs the length of the pitch despite Du Plessis showing his hand, gesturing no. Du Plessis stays his ground and Philander is run out as the bails are removed at the striker's end.

Philander out for a duck.
20:17  Amla out for 82, De Kock gone for golden duck:  

South Africa 250-5 (82 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Just when we thought the match was ambling along aimlessly, India have picked two wickets out of nowhere to bring the match to life.

Ashwin continues. He gets the ball to turn and Quinton de Kock gone for a first ball duck, caught nicely by Kohli at first slip.

Pandya continues.

As Amla and Du Plessis scamper for a run, a misjudgement, Pandya has done well to throw the ball at the right end and a direct hit has brought an end to Amla's innings.

Amla gone for 82 after that fine piece of fielding from Pandya off his own bowling.

Du Plessis finishes the over with a four.

Three runs come off Ashwin's over as the match is dawdling to a bore on Day 1. 

Pandya continues. 2 runs comes in that over.

Ashwin continues and he gets the ball to turn and bounce, testing and teasing the batsmen, Du Plessis in particular.

Pandya continues after drinks and starts off with a loosener.

That is another maiden.

Amla and Du Plessis are dominating this period of play as both batsmen are doing well to take the easy singles and twos against the bowlers. 

India are trying but are getting nothing for their efforts.

Another three runs from Pandya and Bumrah bowls a maiden before drinks are called.

Bumrah replaces Ashwin and gives just one run.

Pandya brought back in the attack and he gives away 2 runs.

19:34  India bowlers frustrated:  

South Africa 233-3 (72 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Amla is in full flow at one end while Du Plessis is happy to rotate the strike at the other end as the Proteas go along business calmly.

India on the other hand are unable to keep a tab on the runs and are left frustrated by the batting duo.

Amla punishes the bad balls and Ashwin is the one who is at the receiving end.

Shami gives away three runs as the Proteas are happy to rotate the strike and keep the scoreboard ticking with a boundary here and there.

Ashwin then gives away just a single.

Shami continues and Amla takes 5 runs off him.

Ashwin continues and Amla drives the ball to perfection for a boundary through covers.

Couple of balls later he plays the ball to point for a single.

Du Plessis negotiates Ashwin well to see off the bowler without a hitch. 

Shami comes back into the attack. He replaces Ishant at the pavillion end and tests Amla from get go. 

Amla then punches the ball to point and the ball goes for a boundary.

The last two balls of the over brings 5 runs to South Africa.

Ashwin continues and bowls a tight over as India set an attacking field to the new batsman, Du Plessis.

That is a maiden.

Ishant continues after taking the wicket in the previous over.

Du Plessis gets one run. 

Ishant then bowls a short one and Amla pulls that for a boundary. 

Five runs come off the over.

Ashwin continues and Amla gets to his 36th Test fifty with a beautiful boundary through the cover region. 
18:59  Ishant gets the breakthrough after tea:  

South Africa 199-3 (60 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

South Africa captain Faf du Plessis comes to the crease at the dismissal of AB. 

Ishant replaces Bumrah at the other end and he gets the big wicket of AB de Villiers.

AB tries to angle the ball down to the leg side, unfortunately chops the ball on to his stumps.

What a breakthrough for India! AB gifts his wicket to India.

Ashwin continues, this time from around the wicket. Amla comes down the pitch and times it perfectly for a boundary on the off side. 

He then gets a single to bring up the 50 partnership.

AB then plays a shot down to mid-wicket, to end the over with a single. 

Bumrah continues and that is a maiden. 
18:45  India bowlers look tired:  

South Africa 193-2 (60 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Ashwin continues and the South Africans are happy to rotate the strike.

Just one run comes in the over.  

Bumrah continues and Amla uses soft hands to play the ball down to third man for a boundary.

Amla gets the inside edge, lucky for him it misses the stumps, Five runs come off that over.

Ashwin comes in to bowl after tea from the other end and he starts off with just a single in the over.

Bumrah starts with a poor delivery after tea and Amla punishes it. He hammers it through covers for a four.

Amla defends the next five balls.
18:15  Score 104 runs for the loss of 2 wickets in the 2nd session:  

South Africa 182-2 (56 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

And that is tea! 

India have done well to pull back a couple of wickets -- both taken by Ashwin.

104 runs have come in the 2nd session and with Amla and AB looking in fine touch, expect a few more runs in the last session of the day.

Pandya continues.

He bowls down the leg side, AB deflects it past fine leg for a boundary.

The batsmen then take a couple of singles. Six runs come off the over.

Bumrah continues. 

AB nearly chops it on to his stumps. Just one run comes off the over.

Pandya gets another go and replaces Ashwin from the pavillion end.

Short and wide and AB gets a single on the off-side.

He gives two runs in the over.

Ishant continues and he gives one run in the over.

Ashwin continues. AB plays the reverse sweeps and gets a boundary for his effort. What a way to start the over!

He then gets a single to covers. Five runs come off the over.

Ishant continues and Amla gets a good edge only to be dropped by a diving Parthiv Patel behind the wickets. 

That is another reprieve for Amla. 

Ashwin continues and eight big runs come off the over.

Ishant replaces Shami at the other end. 

He is dispatched for four and that is the only four that come off the over.
17:38  Ashwin strikes again:  

South Africa 152-2 (48 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

AB de Villiers comes to the crease and gets off the mark with a beautiful cut shot that brings up the team 150.

Ashwin continues and a change of angle has their man?

Markram gets the thinnist of edges and is caught behind by Parthiv. India go up and SA use DRS.

Markram gone for 94!

Shami continues and gives just one run in the over. 

He goes off the field for some medical attention.

Ashwin continues and two runs come off his over.

Shami continues and bowls a maiden.

Ashwin continues and Markram gets short ball that he dispatches through covers for a boundary.

Markram gets a single off the next ball.

Amla sweeps, gets no run. Five runs come off the over.
17:16  SA batsmen up the ante:  

South Africa 140-1 (43 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

The first hour after lunch belongs to South Africa even though India sent back Elgar.

Markram has done well to up the ante and punish the bad balls as Amla has played another patient knock. The fifty-run partnership has also come up in the meanwhile. 

Shami continues. 

Short ball and Markram plays it through cover for his 14th boundary. 

Markram then gets a single. Amla nicely sees off Shami as drinks break is called.

Ashwin continues and Markram just punches the ball off his back foot, past point and the ball races to the boundary for a four.

Markram gets a single before Amla is tested by Ashwin off the last three balls of the over.

Shami comes back in the attack.

Amla uses the pace of the ball to get a boundary through square. 

17:01  Amla, Markram take their chances:  

South Africa 126-1 (40 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Ashwin continues and Amla comes down the track and hammers him for a four over long on. 

Amla gets a  life! Pandya goes full stretch but can't get a hold on the catch offered by Amla at short mid-off. 

Five runs come off the over.

Bumrah continues.

Markram goes on his toes and punches it to the covers for a couple.

Short and wide and Markram goes after it. 

A little mistimed but he gets a couple.

Another short ball and Markram gets a top edge and a lucky boundary behind the keeper.

Ashwin continues and makes batsmen think here. 

He bowls full and Markram hits it through the on side for a boundary.

Five runs come in the over.

Bumrah continues. The ball is placed on his pads and Amla whips it through mid-on for a four.

Bumrah does well to keep it to just five runs in the over.
16:49  Ashwin strikes just after lunch!:  

South Africa 103-1 (36 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Amla rocks back and he welcomes Ashwin to his next over with a boundary and bring up the 100 of the team.

Amla does well to defend and then gets a single.

A streaky shot gives Markram a single off the last ball off the over.

Bumrah replaces Ishant at the other end. Will be interesting to see how he bowls this third spell.

An overthrow from Rohit, no one backing up at the stumps and two runs for Markram.

The batsman then plays the ball behind square on the leg side for a single. 

Amla ends the over with a single to get off the mark.

Ashwin continues. 

Markram doing well to play every ball to merit. Another maiden.

Ishant continues, strays in line and that is a boundary through fine leg for Markram off the first ball of the over.

He then gets a single to mid-wicket off the fourth ball of the over.

Amla defends the ball well.

Ashwin continues and tests the batsmen. He gives one run.

Ishant continues and gives away just one run.
16:26  Elgar gone for 31:  

South Africa 85-1 (30 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Hashim Amla comes to the crease and nearly becomes Ashwin's second victim.

Inside edge to the pads and a diving Vijay at forward short leg can't get to it in time.

What a way to get out! Dean Elgar out for 31.

R Ashwin gets the breakthrough after lunch. That is a soft dismissal as the ball is short and Elgar plays it straight into the chest of Vijay at silly point, who juggles the ball before holding it firmly to dismiss Elgar.

Ishant Sharma continues and he gives just two runs in the over.

Ashwin continues after lunch. He gets turn but Elgar plays him down the ground to end the over with a boundary.
15:35  Markram completes 2nd Test 50:  

South Africa 78-0 (27 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

And that is lunch!

Openers Markram and Elgar have done well to stay at the crease after seeing off a great bowling performance by India in the first hour.

Kohli will be disappointed to not get a wicket as the session clearly belonged to the Proteas. 

Ishant continues. 

He bowls straight and Elgar clips it through his pads for a four on the leg side.

He follows that up with a single.

Ishant nearly has Markram as the batsman gets the inside edge and the ball just rolls past the stumps. 

Markram plays a punch to the off side and the batsmen scamper for a single.
15:27  Ashwin keeping pressure:  

South Africa 72-0 (26 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Ashwin continues and gets Markram to think.

That is a maiden. 

Pandya continues.

Half-volley and Markram punches the ball down the ground for a boundary.

He follows that up with a lovely pull, one bounce for four in front of square.

Markram gets to his half-century off a single. down to square leg. 
15:20  Markram out doing Elgar:  

South Africa 62-0 (24 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Ashwin continues.

Turn and bounce for the bowler and Elgar gets no edge. India fielders go up, umpire says not out. India lose their first review. 

India now putting pressure on SA courtesy the Chennai offie.

Elgar gets a single to end the over.

Bumrah continues. 

He overpitches on the pads and Markram just picks him and flicks him on the leg side for a boundary.

Five runs come off that over.

Ashwin continues. 

He gets nice turn and bounce and puts Elgar under some pressure, making the batsman play.

No runs from the over.

Bumrah brought back into the attack.

Elgar plays a pull, mistimed and he is lucky as Vijay misreads that and a four and a reprieve for Elgar.

Markram plays a beautiful four through mid-wicket to bring up South Africa's 50.

Another four as Bumrah bowls short and he times it exquisitely through covers for a boundary. 

Bumrah struggling in the opening over of his 2nd spell.
Ashwin continues to Markram as the Indian fielders are getting very vocal here.

He starts off with a maiden. 
15:00  India still looking for the wicket:  

South Africa 42-0 (19 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

For all their accuracy, India are yet to get a breakthrough as Elgar and Markram continue to frustrate the visitors. 

Pandya continues. 

Elgar wow! Gets the middle of the bat and plays it through the square on the off side for a boundary.

Five from the over.

Ishant continues around the wicket. And that is a third maiden in a row.

Pandya continues and that is another good over and another maiden.

Ishant continues and gives away just one run.

Pandya continues after drinks. The ball hits Elgar on the pads but it's nowhere near close as the umpire is  uninterested in the LBW appeal.

He follows that with a good line. 

The ball then gets a good bounce and gets Elgar does well to keep off the ball.

Another maiden over for Pandya.
14:36  India bowlers keep up presssure:  

South Africa 36-0 (14 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Drinks called after an hour of play and both teams can be lauded for putting up a solid show.

India's bowlers have teased the batsmen with that teasing length and line,w while the Proteas batsmen have done well to play each ball to merit and play sensibly.

Ishant continues and Elgar nearly plays on. 

The bowler gets a nice movement across and the batsman is happy to let it go.

A short ball and Elgar plays it to cover point for a single. 

Pandya given the ball now and replaces Shamo at the other end.

Wow! The ball changes direction after going past the batsman. 

Pandya starts with a maiden.

Ishant continues. 

He gives just one run as a beautiful contest between bat and ball brews at Centurion.

Shami continues, it's a half-volley and Markram plays it through mid-off for a four.

That is another four! Markram leans forward and plays it past extra-cover for a four.

Markram then plays the next ball off his pads for three down to deep square leg.

13 comes off the over. 
14:15  India bowlers challenge batsmen:  

South Africa 21-0 (10 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Iahant continues and gets some bounce. Elgar gets hit on the gloves. 

Nice ball! Full ball and it goes across, past the batsman's off stump.

Another full ball, Elgar plays it off his pads for a couple to leg side.

Short ball and that just doesn't take off and hits his gloves. He is lucky to survive as the ball misses the off stump.

Bumrah  continues and 2 runs to the batsman at deep backward point. 

Three runs off the over.

Ishant Sharma is first change.

Perfect line to Elgar. Makes the batsman play and the ball away from the left-hander. What a ball!

Elgar then gets a single as Sharma continues to bowl a teasing line.

Just one run from that over.

Bumrah continues. Too straight and Elgar plays it off his pads for a single. 

Bumrah bowls superbly to finish with just a single off the over.
13:56  India bowlers accurate:  

South Africa 14-0 (6 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

The South Africa batsmen are happy to just defend or leave the good balls as the bowlers are spot on.

Shami continues and bowls in that off-side.

Short and wide and Markram cuts the ball past point for a couple.

Six runs off the over.

Bumrah continues. 

Elgar challenged. And that is another maiden.
13:46  Bumrah, Shami keep batsmen on a leash:  

South Africa 12-0 (4 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Shami continues.

Markram gets on top of the ball and plays it in behind point for a four.

Markram then plays the ball behind square for another boundary. 

Bumrah continues, Elgar gets off the mark off the inside edge, the ball goes to the leg side and the first runs come up for the Proteas.

Bumrah follows it up with a superb ball to Markram.

Parthiv does well to stop the ball from running to the boundary on the leg side.

Markram gets off the mark with a shot down to mid-wicket.

The ball comes nicely to Elgar's pads and the batsman plays it down to mid-wicket for a couple. 

Bumrah ends the over with a dot.

Mohammed Shami bowling at the other end. 

He starts with the ball in that corridor. Markram lets them go.

Shami has got the ball to move around the off side. Nice shape but low bounce challenging the batsmen. 

Markram leaves another one and that is the end of the second and South Africa are yet to get off the mark.

Bumrah begins well to bowl a maiden.

Jasprit Bumrah to open the bowling for India. 

Dean Elgar and Aiden Markram are opening the batting for South Africa.
13:12  Faf du Plessis elects to bat in Centurion:  

South Africa have won the toss and elected to bat first against India in the 2nd Test in Centurion on Saturday. 

India captain Virat Kohli says at the toss that he would have batted first too. 

"If we bowl first like in the first game. We are going to look to exploit the conditions," he added. 

India have made three changes to the team. 

'Keeper Wriddhiman Saha, pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar and opener Shikhar Dhawan have made way for Parthiv Patel, KL Rahul and Ishant Sharma.