Sun, 06 August 2017
India win 2nd Test vs Lanka by an innings and 53 runs to win series

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14:39   Jadeja picks 5 wickets

SL 386 (116 ovs) and 183 (49.4 ovs) India 622-9 decl (158 ovs) Scorecard

India win by an innings and 53 runs to take the three-match series 2-0.

Ashwin continues and he picks up the last wicket.

He tosses it and Pradeep is caught by Dhawan.

Lanka's No 11 bat Nuwan Pradeep comes in to bat despite an injury and he gets off the mark with a single down to deep mid-wicket.

Pandya continues from around the wicket.

Dickwella is foxed by Pandya's yorker. He tries to run it down but hits it straight into the hands of Rahane at gully.

Dickwella gone for 31 and India are well and truly on the door step of another Test win.

Just when it looked like Herath and Dickwella were putting up a late resistance  and Lanka are not giving up, the breakthrough happens after 10 overs.

Tea break has postponed by another half-an-hour.

Pandya continues, Herath tries to slog but misses the ball and two runs come off the over.

Ashwin continues and he bowls a tidier over giving only 1.

Pandya brought back into the attack and bowls around the wicket to Dickwella, who slogs it down to mid-wicket for a four.

Ashwin taken to the cleaners here. Dickwella comes down the track, gets to the pitch of the ball and plays an on drive for a boundary.

Dickwella then sweeps down to third man for a couple.

Both batsmen employing the sweep to good effect against Ashwin and picking up 9 runs in that over.

Jadeja continues and he gives away just one run.

Ashwin continues and the 350 is up for Lanka as Dickwella plays a reverse sweep for a single.

Now Herath sweeps it for a four to long leg. 

It's a carrom ball and Herath slog sweeps for a boundary and then he reverse sweeps for another four. That's 13 runs off the over.

Jadeja continues and Dickwella reverse sweeps behind deep point for a four. Herath sees him off safely as 5 runs come off the over.

Kolhi calls on Ashwin to put the final nails in the Sri Lankan coffin. 

The off spinner gets some good turn and bounce to keep Herath guessing and that is a maiden over.

13:53   Sri Lanka lose 8th wicket

SL 344-8 (106 ovs) and 183 (49.4 ovs) India 622-9 decl (158 ovs) Scorecard

New man in Herath gets off the mark with a single down to deep square leg.

Jadeja strikes again!

De Silva out, Rahane takes a good low catch at slip. The on-field umpires go to the third umpire for a referral on the legitimacy of the catch.

On watching the replays the third umpire gives it out.

Sri Lanka need De Silva and Dickwella to stay at the crease and get some runs on the board. Their deficit is now 96 runs but there is a lot of work to be done by the hosts to save the match.

Drinks are called.

De Silva takes 3 fours off Jadeja, using his feet well to cut and sweep the bowler, before Pandya bowls out a maiden with his cutters.

Pandya continues and bowls a maiden.

Sri Lanka are now employing the sweep against Jadeja and to good effect. 

Dhananjay de Silva starts the over with a slog sweep through square leg.

13:28   Jadeja gets his fourth

SL 325-7 (101 ovs) and 183 (49.4 ovs) India 622-9 decl (158 ovs) Scorecard

Dickwella goes after Pandya and he gets a boundary down to third man. 

He has to attack to keep the Lankans in the hunt.

Pandya bowling wicket-to-wicket coming in around the wicket to the left-handed Dickwella.

Jadeja is bowling an excellent line and length to challenge the batsmen. 

Jadeja gets his fourth as Dilruwan Perera is stumped after some good work by Saha behind the wickets.

Perera tries to charge at delivery, it's a turning ball, he misses it completely, Saha gets a good take and completes the stumping to send Perera packing.
13:18   Sri Lanka staring down the barrel

SL 319-6 (98 ovs) and 183 (49.4 ovs) India 622-9 decl (158 ovs) Scorecard

The inevitable is in the offing. India close in on another 

Dilruwan Perera gets off the mark with a lucky four. He goes for the drive and the ball FLIES past Kohli's outstretched fingers at slip to race to the third man boundary.

Jadeja strikes again. 

Mathews tries to cut and Saha completes a lovely catch to send the batsman back to the pavillion.

Mathews receives a life as he cuts, the ball is just wide of the man at point and the ball races to the boundary.
13:06   Karunaratne gone after a fine century

SL 310-5 (96 ovs) and 183 (49.4 ovs) India 622-9 decl (158 ovs) Scorecard

It's now up to Mathews and new man Dickwella to continue from where they left off in the first innings to stay in the match as Jadeja strikes a little after lunch.

Karunaratne's resistance ends. He goes for 145 as Jadeja gets another scalp.

The ball hits the rough and bounces, grazes Karunaratne's gloves as he tries to play it around only to go straight into the hands of Rahane at slip.

Pandya continues and hits a good length.

Jadeja continues and Karunaratne is happy to just tuck it around for the singles. 

Pandya gets a go at the bowling for the first time today and he gets some movement and beats Karunaratne.

He mixes his pace with slower ones and faster ones. Good over as he gives just one run.

Jadeja opens the bowling after lunch and Karunatne starts with a single to backward square leg.

Three runs come off the first over.
12:10   Karunaratne, Mathews steady the innings

SL 302-4 (91 ovs) and 183 (49.4 ovs) India 622-9 decl (158 ovs) Scorecard

Sri Lanka are 302 for 4 at lunch, still trailing India by 137 runs. 

But Mathews and Karunaratne are batting stoically to put on a fight.

Lanka get to 300 and the batsman have put on a fifty-run partnership since the departure of Chandimal.

Post lunch it will be up to this duo to help Sri Lanka cut the deficit and hopefully get to a lead.
11:30   Karunaratne, Mathews go steady

SL 281-4 (83 ovs) and 183 (49.4 ovs) India 622-9 decl (158 ovs) Scorecard

Jadeja then gives two runs in his over before Umesh Yadav is brought in to have a chance with the new ball.

Karunaratne is happy to defend the ball. He then tucks one down to long leg to end the over with a single.
And he gets some good deviation at the onset. 

The second new ball is taken and Ashwin is tonked for a couple of boundaries as the batsmen make good use of some poor bowling and the new shiny cherry.

This period of play is become interesting as Ashwin and Jadeja are getting the ball to do things but Mathews and Karunaratne are playing them well.

Mathews has already raced to 18 off 21 balls taking a six and two fours off Jadeja.

Karunaratne is also doing well to get the odd boundary and picking up the singles and twos. 
10:58   Pushpakumara, Chandimal gone

SL 241-4 (74 ovs) and 183 (49.4 ovs) India 622-9 decl (158 ovs) Scorecard

Sri Lanka lose another wicket, this time it's Jadeja who gets some turn and makes Chandimal play. Rahane takes a good low catch at slip to send the Lanka captain back to the pavillion. 

Ashwin induces the leading edge from Chandimal and the ball wide of the man at slip. Chandimal off the mark with a couple. 

Sri Lanka lose another wicket.

Pushpakumara is bowled by Ashwin. He plays all around the ball, he tries to play a slog sweep and completely misses the ball.

He is gone for 16.

Jadeja bowling tightly.

Ashwin is testing the batsman here but Pushpakumara is fighting on by defending everything.

Jadeja continues and Pushpakumara gets a four.

Ashwin comes into the attack and gives away 3 runs. 

10:30   India drop catches as Sri Lanka fight on

SL 227-2 (67 ovs) and 183 (49.4 ovs) India 622-9 decl (158 ovs) Scorecard

Karunaratme gets his 6th Test century with a boundary through to long on. 

It's his first vs India. 

It's up to Karunatne and Pushpakumara to see out these overs if they are to stay in the match. So far they have managed to nullify any threat from Shami and Jadeja and have survived thanks to two dropped catches by Kohli and Rahul.

Jadeja continues and he is coming over the wicket to Karunaratne. The batsman tries to play it down and is put down by KL Rahul at short leg. 

Shami continues and he is employing the same strategy of bowling around the wicket to Karunaratne and he has beaten him again with that late swing.

Karunatne gets a run through to mid-wicket and an accurate Shami just gives one run in the over.

Jadeja continues and an attacking field is placed for Pushpakumara keeping in mind the turn he is getting.

The batsman gets a single and brings Karunaratne on strike, who cuts for a single.

Pushpakumara then gets an edge and the ball goes past slip and gully towards the third man boundary.

The batsman goes after Jadeja and hits the ball for a boundary through mid-on.

Sri Lanka get off the mark for a day as Karunaratne takes a single down to third man off Shami and 2 runs come off the over.

Night-watchman Pushpakumara is beaten by Jadeja, That was a close call.

Jadeja getting turn and bounce and Pushpakumara survives. That is another maiden over.
10:06   Karunaratne on 92 as Lanka bat to stay in the match

SL 209-2 (61 ovs) and 183 (49.4 ovs) India 622-9 decl (158 ovs) Scorecard

Shami starts the day for India with a hope to take wickets early on with 20 overs to go before the 2nd new ball is due.

And Shami comes around the wicket to left-hander Karunaratne.

Shami bowls a peach and makes the ball move away after pitching beating the batsman. 

Another close call, making the batsman play at the delivery. Shami is getting some late movement here and keeping the batsman guessing.

With the pitch showing no signs of aiding the bowlers, off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin is pinning his hopes on the second new ball to give India breakthroughs on the fourth day of the second Test against Sri Lanka.

Replying to India's massive first innings total of 622/9 declared, Sri Lanka were bowled out for a paltry 183 with as many as as eight wickets falling in a single session.