Thu, 08 June 2017
CT17 updates: Sri Lanka outclass India to keep hopes alive

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22:50   Sri Lanka outclass India to keep hopes alive

SL 322-3 (48.5 ovs) vs India 321-6 | Scorecard

Umesh to bowl the 49th over as Gunaratne turns the first ball through square leg for a couple and then takes one to thirdman.

Mathews comes down the track and smashes Umesh straight down the ground for a four to bring up his fifty from 44 balls.

He takes a single from the next delivery to take his team to a deserved seven-wicket victory with eight balls to spare.

A superb run chase by Sri Lanka as they chase down a mighty score to keep their hopes alive of making it to the semi-finals.
22:46   Sri Lanka need 8 from 2 overs for victory

SL 313-3 (48 ovs) vs India 321-6 | Scorecard

The Indians fans have started leaving the Oval believing that Sri Lanka have the game firmly in their hands.

Bumrah to bowl the 48th over. Gunaratne takes a single from the first ball through the covers and Mathews picks another run to long-on.

Another single to Gunaratne through the covers before Mathews swats the next ball behind square for one and his partner keeps strike with one from the last ball.

Sri Lanka need eight from the last two overs for victory.
22:41   Sri Lanka need 13 from 3 overs for victory

SL 309-3 (47 ovs) vs India 321-6 | Scorecard

Gunaratne taking on the bowlers as he goes down on one knee and sweeps Bumrah over the leg side for a six which makes the task even easier for Sri Lanka.

The next ball is full and wide as Gunaratne steers it fine on the off-side for a couple and does the same next ball to race to 27 from 14 balls as Sri Lanka cross the 300-run mark, in the 46th over.

Mathews smashes a wide delivery from Bhuvneshwar past point for a four before he takes two runs through midwicket.

Mathews takes a single before Gunaratne scoops it on the leg side as he is foxed by the slower ball but it falls safely on fine leg.

Sri Lanka are 309 for three, needing 13 from 3 overs for victory.
22:32   Sri Lanka need 32 from last 5 overs for victory

SL 290-3 (45 ovs) vs India 321-6 | Scorecard

Bhuvneshwar is lucky that the injured Perera is unable to make most of a full toss as he hits to thirdman on the bounce for just one.

Bhuvi bowling good line and length and not allowing more than a single to give away just six runs from his eighth over including a wide.

Sri Lanka now need 51 from seven overs for victory as Perera retires hurt after a good innings of 47 from 44 balls.

Asila Gunaratne comes out to the middle to replace Perera, who needed help to get to the dressing room after what looks like a hamstring tear.

That has affected Sri Lanka's momentum as Gunaratne is beaten off the first three balls before he pulls Umesh over fine leg for a six followed by two singles to get eight from the over.

Gunaratne looking to play positively as he clips Bhuvneshwar on the leg side for a couple before he pulls the next ball for a four as the asking rate creeps below six.

He makes room and crunches the last ball past point for another four to get 11 from the over.

Sri Lanka are 290 for three in 45 overs, needing 32 runs from the last five overs for victory.


SL 265-3 (42 ovs) vs India 321-6 | Scorecard

Bumrah foxes Mathews with the slower ball who is early into the shot and only manages to scoop it on the leg side but it falls safely.

The last ball is full as Perera slams it to midwicket where Jadhav lets one through his legs to gift Sri Lanka a boundary.

Mathews attacks Umesh early as he lofts the second ball over mid-off for a four and then picks a single.

Three balls later he flicks a full delivery over short fine leg for another boundary to bring the asking rate under seven.

Sri Lanka are 265 for three in 42 overs, needing another 57 runs from eight overs for victory.
22:05   Perera, Mathews keep Sri Lanka in the hunt

SL 247-3 (40 ovs) vs India 321-6 | Scorecard

India bring back their pacers, hoping to pick up another wicket or two. Umesh starts his new spell with a tidy over as he concedes just five runs. Mathews played a nice drive through point but Dhawan did well on the ropes to stop the boundary.

Bumrah comes back and he will be looking for the change in pace to trouble the batsmen. Bumrah bowls a quiet over, giving away just five runs as India look to build the pressure by drying up the boundaries.

Perera has a close shave as he tries to steal a quick single but Mathews at the striker's end is not interested. However, Sri Lanka are lucky that the fielder on the leg side missed the direct hit.

Mathews swats the next ball over midwicket for a four and then chips the next to the same region, but a bit squarer for a single.

Umesh bowls a short ball on the pads as Perera helps it over short fine leg for a four to raise the 50-run stand from just 42 balls.

Mathews looks to loft Umesh down the ground but is beaten off the last ball but SL still manage to get 10 from the over.

Sri Lanka are well placed on 247 for three in 40 overs, needing 75 runs from 10 overs for victory.

Perera has stroked his way to 37 from as many balls, while Mathews has raced to 22 from 21 balls.
21:53   Mendis run out for 89, SL lose 3rd wicket

SL 227-3 (37 ovs) vs India 321-6 | Scorecard

Jadeja comes back as Perera steers the fourth ball through point for his first four as Sri Lanka go past the 200-run mark, in the 34th over.

Pandya replaces Bhuvi and he bowls a tight over, conceding just three runs with Perera and Angelo Mathews content to play him safe.

Sri Lanka are 206 for three in 35 overs, needing another 116 runs from 15 overs for victory at an asking rate of just under eight.

Sri Lanka's batsmen have gone after Jadeja. This time Perera plays the reverse sweep to good effect for a boundary and then sweeps the next ball for two runs followed by four singles to get 10 from the over.

Pandya bowls a poor delivery on the pads as Mathews helps it round the corner for a four. Three singles from the next four balls before Perera jumps down the track and clobbers Pandya over mid-on for another four as Sri Lanka continue with their attacking approach, getting 21 runs from the last two overs.
21:34   Mendis run out for 89, SL in trouble

SL 196-3 (33 ovs) vs India 321-6 | Scorecard

India losing a trick here by continuing with part-timer Jadhav despite a new batsman coming out to the middle.

He bowls a short ball as Mendis hammers it through the covers for a four and concedes eight runs from his second over.

Kohli concedes five runs from his second over as Sri Lanka reach 184 for two in 30 overs, needing 138 runs from 20 overs for victory.

Three overs from Jadhav before India bring back Bhuvneshwar, who accounts for the run out of the well-set Mendis after a cracking innings of 89 from 93 balls.

Perera taps the ball on the leg side and sets off for a quick single but Bhuvi does well to run across and gets a direct hit to get the crucial wicket of Mendis.

Two run outs have turned the match with Sri Lanka reduced to 196 for three in 33 overs, needing 126 runs from 17 overs for victory.
21:21   Gunathilaka run out for 76, SL lose 2nd wicket

SL 171-2 (28 ovs) vs India 321-6 | Scorecard

Bumrah bowls a tight over, giving away just two runs, as Sri Lanka cruise to 143 for one in 25 overs, needing 179 from the remaining 25 overs.

Pandya comes back after an expensive first spell from Jadeja, hitting 36 runs from four overs.

But Pandya also suffers as Mendis hits him for a hat-trick of fours. He slams the fourth ball straight back past the bowler for a boundary before top edging the next ball over the keeper for the same result. The last ball is again a bit short and Mendis pulls it behind square for the third four of the over.

A desperate introduce part-time off-spinner Kedar Jadhav, who has in the past taken crucial wickets and broken partnerships in the middle overs.

He bowls a quiet over, giving away just four singles in his first over.

Kumble takes a gamble, as he brings himself into the attack. The first ball is a long hop as Mendis pulls it on the leg side for a four but the over does produce a wicket.

Against the run of play, Sri Lanka lose the wicket of Gunathilaka, who is run out after a sparkling innings of 76 trying to go for a tight second run to fine leg.

He has put Sri Lanka in control, adding 158 runs in 23 overs for the second wicket with Mendis, who is batting on 74.

Kusal Perera gets off the mark with a single from the last ball.
20:58   Gunathilaka, Mendis hit 50s to put SL in control

SL 141-1 (24 ovs) vs India 321-6 | Scorecard

Bumrah comes back as India look to break the partnership and check Sri Lanka's progress as they slowly but steadily take control of the proceedings.

Mendis looks comfortable and time and again uses the slog sweep for a boundary over midwicket.

Bumrah bowls a no-ball but makes a good comeback as the free hit delivery is a perfect yorker with Mendis taking a tumble as he keeps it out somehow.

Mendis takes on Jadeja yet again as he heaves him over midwicket for a six to complete his fifty in grand style, from 65 balls.

Two balls later Gunathilaka plays the reverse sweep for a boundary past short thirdman and then cuts the last ball for another four to get 16 runs from the over.

Sri Lanka looking in control at the moment as they reach 141 for one in 24 overs with Mendis on 53 and Gunathilaka on 68.
20:43   Gunathilaka hits fifty to rally Sri Lanka

SL 108-1 (20 ovs) vs India 321-6 | Scorecard

Bumrah has struggled to make an impression so far as compared to Pandya from the other end, who has created quite a few chances.

Gunathilaka smashes a length delivery from Bumrah straight down the ground for a four as he continues to grow in confidence.

Gunathilaka slashes at a wide delivery from Pandya as he gets a thick outside edge which goes through the vacant slip region for a four. He turns the next ball off his pads on the leg side for a couple and Mendis pulls the last ball for another couple as Pandya goes for 11 runs.

Spin introduced as Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack in place of Bumrah, who bowled a lacklustre first spell of three overs. He makes a tidy start, giving away just three runs in his first over.

Gunathilaka continues to blossom in confidence as he pulls Pandya off the front for a six over midwicket to bring up fifty in some style, from 47 balls.

In the next over, Mendis lofts Jadeja over the leg side a Yuvraj runs across from long-on but he doesn't go for the catch and also ends up giving away a four following a clumsy effort on the field.

Mendis survives a shout for leg before wicket before he pulls the last ball over midwicket for the second four of the over.

Sri Lanka are firmly in the contest as they reach 108 for one in 20 overs, needing 214 from 30 overs for victory.

Gunathilaka is batting beautifully on 54 from 50 balls and Mendis looking solid on 39 from 52 balls.

SL 70-1 (15 ovs) vs India 321-6 | Scorecard

Jasprit Bumrah comes into the attack, taking over from Umesh, who bowled five overs for 26 runs.

The third ball is short and also wide as Mendis slaps it through the covers for a four followed by two more singles.

Another change as Hardik Pandya comes into the attack to replace Bhuvneshwar, who bowled a good first spell of one for 27 in six overs.

Three singles from Pandya's over as the duo also the 50-run stand for the second wicket from 48 balls in that over.

Pandya creates a couple of chances in his second over. Mendis nearly chips it to the fielder in the covers but it falls short before Pandya drops a difficult chance to his left on his follow through.

Sri Lanka are 70 for one in 15 overs, needing 252 runs from 35 overs for victory.
20:03   Gunathilaka, Mendis steady SL after early wicket

SL 44-1 (10 ovs) vs India 321-6 | Scorecard

Umesh bowls a beauty to beat Kusal Mendis, getting enough away movement to beat the edge of the bat before he takes a single to get off the mark.

He then edges the next ball which goes wide of the slip fielder for a single and Gunathilaka picks one as just two come from the over.

Umesh suffers in his next over as Gunathilaka pulls a short ball for a six over fine leg before he plays a nice drive through the covers for a four to get 12 from the over.

Bhuvneshwar bowls another good delivery as he gets Mendis to edge one as it goes past the slip fielder for a four.

Two balls later, he beats Mendis with an unplayable delivery which leaves the right-hander, going past the edge of the bat.

Gunathilaka is playing some good shots as he punches a full delivery down the ground past mid-on for a four as Sri Lanka reach 44 for one in 10 overs.

19:40   SL lose early wicket after India post 321

SL 15-1 (5 ovs) vs India 321-6 | Scorecard

Bhuvneshwar looking to keep it simple, not trying much as he bowls another quiet over, conceding just three singles.

Dickwella tries to disrupt Umesh as he dances around his crease but the pacer manages to beat the left-hander. He makes room to the next ball as Umesh bowls a quick bouncer outside the leg stump which he lets go before taking one followed by two more singles.

The pressure pays off for India as Dickwell plays a reckless shot, trying to swing it over the leg side but gets a leading edge and is caught at point off Bhuvneshwar for seven.

Gunathilaka crashes the last ball of the over for a four as SL are reduced to 15 for one in five overs.
19:26   Dhawan's century powers India to 321

SL 4-0 (2 ovs) vs India 321-6 | Scorecard

Niroshan Dickwella and Danushka Gunathilaka are the two openers for Sri Lanka with Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowling the first over.

The first ball slants across left-hander Dickwella, who has a poke but is beaten before he turns the third ball through midwicket for two runs as Umesh Yadav makes a good sliding stop on the ropes.

Gunathilaka survives a run out chance as he goes for a non-existent but is sent back by his partner Dickwella, who tapped it on the leg side, as Jadhav misses the direct hit with the batsman way out of his crease.

A tidy start from Bhuvi, giving away just two runs.

Umesh Yadav to bowl the second over. Left-hander Gunathilaka defends teh second ball on the leg side for a single to get off the mark.

He also concedes just two runs from his first over as Dickwella picks another single on the leg side.
18:52   Dhawan's century powers India to 321

India 321-6 (50 ovs) vs SL | Scorecard

Smart batting by Jadhav at the end as he played the field well to smash a quickfire 25 not out from 13 balls to propel India's score at the end.

Powered by Dhoni's 52-ball 62, India smashed as many as 103 runs from the last 10 overs to end up with a massive 321 for six in their 50 overs.

Once again the Indian openers dominated as they laid the foundation with 138-run stand for the opening wicket.

Dhawan played a splendid innings of 125, while Rohit stroked 78 as India managed to keep the runs coming despite captain Virat Kohli (0) and Yuvraj Singh (7) failing with the bat,
18:49   Dhawan's century powers India to 321

India 321-6 (50 ovs) vs SL | Scorecard

The experienced Perera comes back, to bowl the 48th over. Dhoni lets the first ball, which is outside the off-stump, go through to the keeper and then fails to make proper connection with the next ball.

He smashes the next ball powerfully but gets just a single to long-off to race to his half-century from 46 balls and immediately calls for a new bat.

Superb bowling by Perera as he bowls another dot ball to Jadhav, as just a single come from the first four balls.

The fifth ball is a wide yorker and Jadhav digs it out to point for one.

Perera misses the length with the last ball and gifts Dhoni a full toss which he despatches over midwicket for a six.

Jadhav sensibly takes a single off the first ball of the next over by Malinga to bring Dhoni back on strike.

Malinga bowls another slower ball as Dhoni clips it square for two runs to bring up India's 300, in the 49th over.

After two singles from the next three balls, Sri Lanka err again with the last ball. Malinga bowls a short wide delivery which Dhoni crashes through the covers for a four.

Perera to bowl the final over. Jadhav takes a single off the first ball before Perera strikes with the key wicket of Dhoni, who is caught at long-off after a good innings of 63 from 52 balls, having hit seven fours and two sixes.

Jadhav walks across his stumps a long way before he sweeps Perera over the square leg fence for a six.

He tries a similar shot but the yorker beats him for a dot ball but he swings the next ball, which is a full toss, through midwicket for a four.

The last ball is a slower bouncer and Jadhav manages to pull it behind square on the leg side for a four.
18:35   Pandya falls for 9, India lose 5th wicket

India 289-5 (47 ovs) vs SL | Scorecard

Lakmal beats Pandya with a slower ball before the right-hander flicks the next off his pads over square leg for a six.

He slices the next ball over the off-side but fails to get enough distance and is caught in the deep after scoring just nine.

Dhoni gets two runs off the next ball through the off-side before he is beaten off the last ball as Lakmal bowls a good slower ball.

Kedar Jadhav smashes Pradeep straight down the ground for a couple and then hits the next on the off-side but Lakmal comes up with a good save at point to save some runs.

The last ball is on the pads as Jadhav tickles it fine for a four to get nine from the over.
18:25   Dhawan out for 125, India 4 down

India 270-4 (45 ovs) vs SL | Scorecard

Malinga comes back as Dhawan looks to sweep but gets a top edge which goes over midwicket as the fielder near the ropes goes for the catch but misjudges it and ends up giving away a boundary.

Malinga mixes up his pace quite well to keep the batsmen guessing to give away just eight runs in the over despite going for the boundary off the first ball.

Lakmal looks to keep the ball out of reach, bowling full and wide but ends up giving away two wides to Dhoni, who then crashes it through the off-side for a four to get 10 from the 44th over.

Malinga makes the breakthrough with the wicket of Dhawan, who holes out to long-on after a splendid innings of 125 from 128 balls, hitting 11 fours and a six.

Dhawan and Dhoni boosted the innings as they put on 82 runs from 64 balls for the fourth wicket.

The dangerous Hardik Pandya walks in at No. 6 ahead of Kedar Jadhav.

Malinga bowls the next on the pads as Dhoni tickles it fine for a four and then takes one before Pandya pulls it to deep square for two runs to get off the mark and picks a single.
18:07   Dhawan hits century, India eye huge total

India 243-3 (42 ovs) vs SL | Scorecard

Dhoni flicks a full delivery from Lakmal for a single after initially deciding to charge for the second run before he turns it down.

Dhawan drives the next ball through the covers for two runs before he smashes the third ball powerfully down the ground for a four, beating the man at long-off.

Dhawan shuffles across his stumps and looks for the paddle scoop but is unable to make proper connection for a single to deep square leg.

India have seven wickets in hand and no doubt they are going on an all out attack against the inexperienced Sri Lankan bowling.

Dhawan walks across the stumps before helping a short ball from Pradeep over the fine leg fence for a six.

Dhoni joins in the party with successive boundaries through midwicket and covers as 16 runs come from the 42nd over.
17:56   Dhawan completes century

India 218-3 (40 ovs) vs SL | Scorecard

Gunaratne bowls another good over, conceding just three singles. Dhoni looks keen to be positive out in the middle as he slaps Gunathilaka fine on the leg side for a four.

Gunaratne has done a good job with the ball, bowling slow medium pacers from round the wicket and not giving the batsmen anything to work with.

Dhoni struggling to pick Gunaratne as he plays two dot balls in a row before he tries but misses and then gets a single from the fourth ball.

The part-time bowler has done a good job so far, giving away just seven runs from three overs.

Three singles from the over takes India past the 200-run mark in the 38th over with Dhawan taking his score into the 90s.

Lakmal comes back as Dhoni picks a single before Dhawan plays a nice drive through the covers for four. He then chips down the track and swings the pacer behind square on the leg side for a four.

Pradeep comes back as Gunaratne is taken off despite bowling a superb first spell in which he did well to squeeze the flow of runs and also picked up a wicket.

He drops short as Dhoni pulls it over midwicket for a four and then takes a single.

Dhawan then makes room and steers Pradeep past point for a four to bring up his century in some style, from 112 balls.

The stage is perfectly set for India to take charge in the last 10 overs as they reach 218 for three in 40 overs.

Dhawan completed a well deserved century, stroking 102 from 113 balls, while Dhoni has looked good to score 22 from 25 balls.
17:41   Yuvraj fails with the bat, India 3 down

India 188-3 (35 ovs) vs SL | Scorecard

Yuvraj struggling to get going, especially against off-spinner Gunathilaka, who has beaten him a few times.

Perera and Gunathilaka build the pressure bowling a few tight overs in succession, with just 12 runs coming from the last four overs.

While Dhawan has been going on quite well on 84 from 97 balls, but Yuvraj has struggled to get started, scoring seven from 17 balls.

Part-time medium pacer Asila Gunaratne comes into the attack. And he strikes in his very first over with the wicket of Yuvraj, who drags a full delivery back on to his stumps to end a struggling innings of seven from18 balls.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni walks in at No. 5 to a huge cheer from the Oval crowd.

Two balls later, Gunaratne has a huge appeal for LBW turned down against Dhoni as the Sri Lankans decide to take the DRS.

A poor review from the Lankans as the ball had clearly pitched outside the leg stump.

A good start from Gunaratne as he concedes just a single while picking up the key wicket of Yuvraj.

Pacer Lakmal comes back as Dhawan turns the first ball on the leg side for one. He bowls one short and wide as Dhoni slashes it over point fence for a six to get off the mark in smashing fashion.
17:13   Dhawan lifts India after Kohli's dismissal

India 169-2 (30 ovs) vs SL | Scorecard

Malinga has been off colour today and he was lucky to bag the wicket of Rohit from a loose delivery. He drops short again as Dhawan pulls it through midwicket for a four.

A few deliveries the veteran pacer overpitches and this time Dhawan hits a nice drive through the covers for another boundary.

Dhawan turning it on at the Oval. He goes after pacer Pradeep, hitting him for successive boundaries through square leg and point to take his score into the 70s.

The boundaries to continue to flow from Dhawan's bat as he plays a nice cover drive off Gunathilaka for another four before taking a single.

The off-spinner nearly picks a wicket as Yuvraj Singh goes for the big drive through the off-side but is beaten.

Perera has bowled a good spell in the middle overs, keeping the runs and looking to build some pressure from his end.

India are comfortably placed on 169 for two in 30 overs with Dhawan on 79 and Yuvraj on three.
16:55   Kohli out for a duck as SL fight back

India 139-2 (26 ovs) vs SL | Scorecard

Sri Lanka make a good comeback after India's good start. Pradeep gets the big wicket of captain Virat Kohli, who is caught behind for a five-ball duck.

Kohli pokes at a wide outswinger from the pacer only to get an edge and is caught behind by wicketkeeper Dickwella.

Two wickets in the space of five balls as India are reduced to 139 for two in 26 overs.
16:52   Rohit dismissed for 78, India lose 1st wicket

India 138-1 (25 ovs) vs SL | Scorecard

This is the 10th 100-run partnership between Rohit and Dhawan from 56 innings.

Rohit goes after off-spinner Gunathilaka, who is bowling from round the wicket, as he comes down the track and lofts it over mid-off for a six. The off-spinner bowls a quicker over which goes straight on and beats Rohit's outside edge, who keeps strike with a single from the last ball.

In the next over Rohit turns Perera on the leg side for one as Dhawan finally gets strike after a long wait of 13 balls.

Perera bowls a short wide delivery but Dhawan is unable to make most, hitting it straight to the fielder at point, who stops it on the bounce.

A desperate Sri Lanka bring back their premier pace bowler Malinga to force a breakthrough with India's openers running away with the match.

No stopping Rohit, who drives Malinga on the up through the covers for a four to get eight from the over.

It has started to drizzle as Perera continues as he sends down another tight over, giving away just three runs after conceding two in his previous over.

Meanwhile, Malinga's struggles with the ball continues. Dhawan crashes a half-volley through the covers for a four to bring up his second successive fifty, from 69 balls.

In the same over, Rohit pulls a short ball from the veteran pacer fine on the leg side for a six. He tries the same shot again but this time hits it straight into the hands of the fielder at deep fine leg.

A lucky break for Sri Lanka as Rohit walks back after a fine innings of 78 from 79 balls with India reduced to 138 for one, in the 25th over.

The openers have laid a solid foundation, putting on 138 runs for the opening wicket.
16:29   Rohit his half-century, India cross 100

India 107-0 (20 ovs) vs SL | Scorecard

Gunathilaka has a huge appeal for LBW rejected against Dhawan, who goes for the sweep but fails to make connection.

Rohit sweeps the next ball fine as Malinga makes a valiant diving effort on the ropes at fine leg but is unable to stop the boundary.

At the first drinks break, India have cruised along to 86 for no loss in 17 overs.

Medium pacer Perera, who bowled just one over in his first spell, comes back. He has a huge appeal for LBW turned down against Rohit, who then takes apart the medium pacer in his next over.

A short ball is pulled over square leg where the fielder Asila Gunaratne manages to judge the ball as he takes the catch but ends up deflecting the ball over the fence to give away a six.

That brings up Rohit's second successive half-century from 58 balls while India also cross the 100-run mark.

Two balls later, Perera again drops short as Rohit pulls it confidently over square leg for a six to get 13 from the over.

India growing in confidence as they reach 107 for no loss in 20 overs with Rohit on 58 from 62 balls and Dhawan on 42 from 58 balls.

India 74-0 (15 ovs) vs SL | Scorecard

A leg bye to Dhawan brings up India's 50 in the 11th over, the ninth 50-run stand between the two openers in ODIs.

In the next over, Rohit drives a half-volley through the covers for two runs and then pulls the next but gets only to deep square leg.

Pradeep looks to bowl a quick bouncer but drops it very short and it bouncers over the wicketkeeper to gift India five wides.

Lakmal is taken off as he makes way for Thisara Perera. India continue to make steady progress as they pick four runs from the pacer's first over.

Once again Rohit looking quite solid and keen for a big knock. He turns Pradeep for two runs through midwicket with five coming from the 14th over.

Off-spinner Danushka Gunathilaka comes into the attack. He starts with one down the leg side as Dhawan helps it fine on the leg side for a four.

India are well placed on 74 for no loss in 15 overs with Dhawan on 36 from 46 balls and Rohit on 32 from 44 balls.
15:47   Openers Rohit, Dhawan give India a good start

India 48-0 (10 ovs) vs SL | Scorecard

Nuwan Pradeep comes into the attack in place of Lakmal, who bowled three overs with the new ball.

Dhawan taps the first ball on the off-side and steals a quick single. Rohit attempts another quick run and has a close have. Pradeep does well to get to the ball quickly on his follow through but he misses with the direct hit with Rohit struggling to make his crease.

Two more singles as four come from the over with India's openers doing well to deny Sri Lanka the early wickets while also lay down a solid platform.

Change of ends for Lakmal, who takes over from Malinga, who bowled four overs in his first spell.

After a few quiet overs, Rohit lifts the mood in the Indian camp as he pulls a short ball from Lakmal over square leg for a four.

A couple of singles before Rohit slaps a short wide delivery through the covers for the second four of the over.

Pradeep does well to concede just two runs in his second over as India reach 48 for no loss in 10 overs.

Once again, the two openers have done well to see off the new ball and lay a good foundation with Rohit scoring 20 from 25 balls and and Dhawan stroking 28 from 35 balls.
15:33   Openers Rohit, Dhawan give India a good start

India 32-0 (7 ovs) vs SL | Scorecard

Rohit steers Malinga to thirdman for one before the pacer nearly does Dhawan in with a wide yorker, which passes close to the off-stump.

Malinga tries for another yorker but the last ball turns out to be a half-volley as Dhawan plays a nice through the covers for a four.

Rohit again takes the early single as he taps the first ball from Lakmal to point for one. Dhawan looks to break the shackles as he comes down the track and drives the pacer through the covers for a four. The next ball is short and this time he rocks back and pulls it fine for another boundary followed by a quick single to point to get 10 from the over.

Dhawan looking to get on the front foot as much as possible. Another overpitched delivery from Malinga is hit through the covers for three runs followed by singles from the last two balls as India reach 32 for no loss in seven overs.
15:19   India off to a slow start against Sri Lanka

India 12-0 (4 ovs) vs SL | Scorecard

Suranga Lakmal to bowl the second over. He makes the error of dropping one short and wide as Dhawan crashes it past point for a four to get off the mark in style.

Two balls later, Dhawan repeats the shot but this time he gets just two runs as the fielder at point half stops it.

In the next over, Rohit steers a wide delivery from Malinga to thirdman for a single and Dhawan picks one off the next ball.

Dhawan again looks to hit Lakmal square on the off-side but Sri Lanka have an extra fielder in the short point region, who does well to stop the shot and save a certain boundary.

Lakmal does well to adjust his line and come closer to the stumps as Dhawan can only defend to give away a maiden over.

India 4-0 (1 ov) vs SL | Scorecard

Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan walk out to open the batting for India, who will be looking for another good start from the two openers as they did in the tournament opener against Pakistan.

The experienced Lasith Malinga opens the bowling for Sri Lanka and facing him is his Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma.

He starts with a loosener, short and wide, and Rohit slaps it through the covers for a four to start off in confident fashion. But Malinga makes a good comeback, bowling five dot balls in a row.
14:39   Sri Lanka elect to bowl, India unchanged
Sri Lanka captain Angelo Mathews has won the toss and elected to bowl against India.

India, who thrashed Pakistan in their opening match of the tournament, have retained the same playing eleven.

"The pitch at the Oval is very good, it doesn't change much through the match so we are not worried much about the toss," Kohli said at the toss.

Sri Lanka have been forced to make a few changes. Angelo Mathews is back to lead the team but has not been ruled fit enough to bowl. Danushka Gunathilaka and Thisara Perera are also included as Sri Lanka make three changes for this do-or-die match for them.
14:27   High-flying India aim to seal semis berth vs SL
Welcome the coverage of the 8th match of the ICC Champions Trophy between India and Sri Lanka at the Oval in London, on Thursday.

Following their dominating performance against Pakistan, a confident India will aim to continue the momentum and come up with another flawless performance against Sri Lanka to secure their place in the semi-finals.

Having demolished Pakistan by 124 runs, India will start as overwhelming favourites against Sri Lanka, who looked in total disarray during their 96-run defeat at the hands of South Africa.

The only worry is the weatner in Central London, with forecasts of around 40 percent chance of rain.

India captain Virat Kohli has asked his team to tighten up their fielding and be "ruthless" when they face Sri Lanka.

"Sometimes, starting with the tournament, creating momentum as a team, you can misfield, you can get overexcited," Kohli said on Wednesday.

"There can be lapses as well, especially when the team is seven or eight down and you know that the game is going to end soon. We have addressed the guys and have asked them to be ruthless and finish games off."